Review: Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation

Hey guys!

To break up the Christmas posts a bit, today I have a little review for you! I picked up the Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation a little while ago and I thought that I might talk about it a bit because I haven’t talked about very many cruelty-free foundations and I’ve never owned a high-end foundation before! I hope that you find this review helpful!



The biggest fear for me is spending a lot of money one something that I don’t end up enjoying. While I’m definitely financially in a much better position than I have been for the last 3 years, I still can’t accept not enjoying how I spend my money. So, even though I can now afford it, it still takes a lot for me to spend a bit of money on a foundation, knowing that I enjoy many drugstore ones that work really well for me. So knowing that, I did have a lot of expectations for this foundation, being that it was my first high-end foundation.

If you’ve read my blog posts for a while, you’ll know that I have oily/combo skin and so knowing that a foundation will last without a touch up is such a perk and an even better perk for me was that this foundation was going to be cruelty-free. I like medium to full coverage foundations because I have quite reddened skin with some scarring that I need to cover up but I’m happy to use a correcter or full coverage concealer if the foundation can’t quite do the job itself. I also really need to have the foundation be fair enough for my skin.

This foundation retails at $49 AUD and I picked it up from the kiosk store in Westfield, right next to my work. I had the foundation matched to my skintone and I purchased it once I was satisfied. I’d heard quite good things about this foundation online, for example, it was light weight and very high coverage so it is perfect in summer when you don’t want to slap on a really heavy-duty foundation to get the coverage that you’re after.

When I was being matched, the girl showed me the two lightest foundation shades and matched me to the lightest, which I expected. In the container, it looked a bit darker than what I normally wear but I do have a tendency of purchasing foundations that are a bit lighter and it evens out with my powder that is a half a shade too dark for me. I even spoke to the girl at Inglot about how I’d rather be a shade lighter because it’s easier to manage and she looked at me a bit funny. I’d rather bronze up my face than have to blend my foundation all the way down to my boobs to get it to look even haha.


In terms of shade, the lightest shade is a touch too dark for me but I think that it would make a great summer shade. When I was being matched, I was looking for the shade to match my current foundation and the girl said it matched my foundation perfectly but I think the picture above says otherwise. I don’t tan very much at all (curse you, Dutch skin) but I can’t continue to wear the fairest shade in my Revlon Colorstay foundation when it gets quite a bit warmer so I think this will be nice to transition to when I get more colour. So as far as colour goes, it’s nearly perfect.

As for coverage, I’d definitely say the foundation is near full coverage and applying a second layer (which I rarely do) will get you to full coverage easily. I like the way that the foundation makes my skin look while I’m wearing it and I also think that it suits my other makeup once it’s all applied.

As for longevity, I don’t think it quite holds up to expectation. It is definitely one that needs to be blotted or powdered midday otherwise you’ll look like an oilslick by the end of the day, which really doesn’t suit me while I’m working. It lasts a good 3-4 hours looking as fresh as it did when it was applied and then slowly the oily creeps up. It doesn’t ever eat away at the foundation and it always looks perfect, just very very shiny. I’ve tried it with lots of different primers and lots of different powders and nothing keeps it on my face for very long so it is definitely one for a night out or a short day. It is certainly not summer-friendly, which is unfortunate seeing as the colour will only suit me then. However, I can always use it in winter with lightening drops.

I’d definitely recommend this for people with drier skin, maybe more on the normal side of dry. I do think that it is a nice foundation and I’ll certainly use it. I think it would be perfect for photography. I just don’t see myself repurchasing it, unless I find a way to perfect it’s longevity. This foundation isn’t my favourite and it isn’t as good, in my opinion, as other foundations that I’ve tried, but I still do think that it is worth trying out. I honestly think I just need to bite the bullet and purchase the Kat Von D foundation when my shade finally becomes available.


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