Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey guys!

If you’ve left purchasing Christmas gifts this late in the month, I won’t judge you. Time slips away from us all. So I thought that I might create a bit of a gift guide for those who are in need of a bit of inspiration. I hope that you enjoy and I hope that you find this helpful!



Under $20

1. LUSH Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

I wanted to pick this up when I went to the new LUSH Adelaide store back in November and for some reason I didn’t. Now I’ve made it my mission to finish my other one before I consider picking this up, however, that wouldn’t stop me buying it as a stocking stuffer or a ‘little thought’ kind of gift. You can purchase this at LUSH stores or online.

2. Lacuna Melts Wax Melts

I mentioned these in my last post and since then, I received my order and can confirm that these are of excellent quality and smell absolutely incredible. My room smells so amazing right now! Some of the Christmas scents are currently sold out but there are a good number of other scents available and you should be able to find something you’d really love. You can purchase these from the etsy store!

3. Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

I swear to you, these pens are the best and you will not regret this purchase. If you know someone who loves stationary or you know someone who has nice handwriting and deserves a nice smooth pen, pick up a pack of these and I promise you won’t regret it. It may seem like a silly gift but these pens are life changing and they’re not too expensive. You can purchase these pens from your local supermarket or department store.

4. Chloe Jane Candle Co. Candle

Chloe Jane Candle Co. make some gorgeous candles that are vegan, cruelty-free and South Australian, like Lacuna Melts. I purchased one of these for my friend because they have fun scents like Moscato and Strawberries, and my friend is a Moscato fiend. Definitely look into one of these candles if you want some more unique candle fragrances. You can purchase this on their website.

5. Movie Ticket

This is actually the gift that my brother and I are giving each other this year. It is fairly cheap but it is an experience that you’ll remember. I’m one of those people that likes keeping movie ticket stubs and most of the time I can tell you who I saw movies with. There are a lot of movies that are coming out that I really want to see and I love watching movies with my brother because we have similar taste and I think it will be fun to treat one another to two movie experiences with each other. You can purchase gift cards or movie tickets at a cinema near you!

Under $50

1. Philosophy Christmas Shower Gels

Obviously it’s not essential to buy the Christmas scents but seeing as they’re limited edition and they’re available, it’s best to make the most of them, especially if you know that the receiver of the gift will adore them! There are a couple of scents available and a good few gift sets under $50! You can buy Philosophy products at David Jones and Mecca 🙂

2. T2 Earl Grey Tea Set

Now, I’ve been wanting to pick this one up for my Nonna because she loves Earl Grey tea and she likes nice cups so I thought it would be perfect. If you’re reading this Nonna, please wipe your memory because I still want to purchase it for you. T2 have a huge range of loose leaf teas and gorgeous teacups for them. If you have a tea-loving friend or family member, T2 is your one-stop-shop for the perfect gift! This gift is actually right on $50. You can purchase this from T2 stores or online.

3. Netflix Subscription

I know that most people by now have a Netflix subscription but there are a good number of people that don’t and want it (me) and purchasing a Netflix subscription for someone would be an awesome gift, especially if you bought it for a few months and they can work out whether or not it’s worth it for them! And netflix isn’t the only one, there’s also Stan, which comedy group Aunty Donna are creating a series on. Lots of options but definitely a great gift for someone who loves to sit back and relax while watching great shows and movies!

4. LUSH Solid Perfume Trio

I picked one of the LUSH Solid Perfume Trios when I went to the LUSH event back in November and I really liked mine, and if you missed it, I wrote a review! I think these make great presents and I believe there are two trios to choose from. Of course, you can always buy them individually but I think getting them in a trio is a great way for your giftee to try out a few of the scents to find their perfect one!

Under $100

1. Erin Condren Life Planner

Now I’m putting this in the under 100 category because for Australians, we have to purchase them from the US and it equates to about $65-70. If you know that someone is really organised and loves to be organised, an Erin Condren Life Planner would be a gorgeous gift. They come with interchangable covers and a good amount of space to write in daily to-dos. I’ve had one for almost a year and have already purchased my planner for next year. I decorate mine with stickers and I absolutely love it.

2. Kate Hill Purse

I’ve always loved Kate Hill purses and I recently picked up a little bag from there for work and I adore it. The bags are a bit dearer than those you might purchase from Target or Kmart but for the added cost, you get a GORGEOUS design that will last you for a year at the very least. They have so many different styles and colours to choose from. If you have a loved one who is in desperate need of a nice bag, you won’t be disappointed with Kate Hill.

3. Pandora Charm

Working at Pandora makes it easy for me to get to know what sort of gifts people like giving to loved ones and with about 600 different charms on offer, there is likely to be at least one charm that would suit your giftee. Some special charms that I particularly like are the Vintage Night Sky Hanging Charm, that reads ‘I love you to the moon and back’, which is currently out of stock Australia-wide but will make a come back in January, or even the Essence range, which go on a special bracelet. The Essence range is very under-appreciated, in my opinion. It is very dainty and sweet and each charm has a special meaning attached to it, like; wisdom, happiness, friendship, so it’s great to show your loved one what you love about them or what they mean to you with a simple charm.

Of course, these are only a few suggestions but maybe they could to inspire you to find the perfect gift for someone. I always am in favour of experience gifts, like a movie ticket, a theatre ticket, things like that because it may not have been something you’d have bought yourself and it’s something you can do with someone else. Make sure you check out the fun things going on near you and that might spark the perfect gift idea!


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