Perfect Palette Tag!

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share a fun little post because I really love palettes and I really love tags haha. This has been a really popular tag for years and today I wanted to share my answers! I hope that you enjoy!




1. Best Packaging

In my collection, the palette with the best packaging is definitely the Kat Von D Monarch Palette! It is absolutely stunning. I love the butterfly, the lettering, the layout of the shadows themselves. It is such a gorgeous palette and is fantastic quality too! Win-win!


2. Best Colour Payoff

I’m going to have to try and refrain from putting Inglot shadows for every answer but I think they fit well here because Inglot shadows are by far my favourite formula because they are so buttery and pigmented.


3. Most Versatile

For this one, in my collection, I’m going to have to say the BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette. It has four highlighters and ten eyeshadows, so you’ve got at least two uses for the palette, and the variety of uses really depends on your imagination for this one! I don’t tend to buy palettes with more than one type of product because it can border kids makeup and I don’t tend to need one palette to do everything for me, even for travel.


4. Best for Travelling

By far, my go-to for travelling is the Modelsprefer Nude Palette! It comes with 8 shades and creates a variety of different neutral looks. It doesn’t take much thought to create stunning looks with this palette. It is definitely one that I can’t live without. It is small but mighty!


5. Biggest Regret

I don’t really regret this palette because I do a lot of research before I buy anything to avoid regret, especially since when I bought this, I wasn’t working. I only regret it now because I don’t use it anywhere near as much as I should have and the Meet Matrimony palette is much more suited to me. So it’s only a very mild regret.


6. Best Colour Names

Because I’m a galaxy-loving girl, I think this one was a no-brainer, really. The names aren’t particularly edgy or clever but I love the theme and I love the palette. It has some really gorgeous shades that make it easy to play with coloured shadows and not have no clue how to use them.


7. Least Used

My least used palette is definitely the BH Cosmetics Pride and Prejudice and Zombies palette. I really wanted this palette mostly for the collab itself, not really for what the palette was going to give me. I do really need to try and use this more because it’s not that bad but most of the shimmers are just an overspray, which is so annoying.

8. Most Used

For my most used palette, it’s definitely a toss up between my neutral Inglot palette and my Modelsprefer nudes palette. Both palettes are no brainer palettes with tonnes of lid shades, crease shades, inner corner shades. Both palettes can take you from day-to-night and look glam as heck. I really can’t decide between the two!


9. Most Loved

My most loved palette is definitely my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette because Frankie bought it for me while we were on holiday a few years ago and I couldn’t bring myself to buy it, even after lusting after it for about a year before I actually owned it. So it has more sentimental value than anything else. I do really enjoy most of the shades in the palette and my eye looks always look really nice. Too Faced has some really easily blendable shades. They may not be the most pigmented but they are definitely some of the most user-friendly for sure.


10 Desert Island

I know this is so annoying but for how travel-friendly it is and how simple it is, I had to pick this palette. I can do so much with it and I think that even as I rotted away on the desert island, I’d be pretty content playing with this palette hahaha.


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12 thoughts on “Perfect Palette Tag!

  1. the PPZ palette was probably my biggest regret, i didn’t think it was good at all. I ended up giving it away. The Balm is also a hit or miss. The nude tude is a good palette but I’ve gotten others from them that weren’t so great. and the Galaxy Chic palette has got to be my absolute favorite ever!

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