Project Pan: 20 Products in 20 Weeks!

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to introduce my 2nd project pan! After completing my first project pan one month ago, I was itching to start another one but this time, I’d know what worked and what didn’t and tailor it to my needs and goals! If you’re unfamiliar with ‘panning’, Project Pan is where you select a certain number of beauty products with the intention of ‘panning’ them. Panning itself can mean either hitting pan, or using them up entirely. Due to my lack of success with restricting spending on beauty entirely, I participate in Project Pans because they encourage me to understand how long it takes to finish a product and stops me from overspending that way. As the title suggests, this project pan will last 20 weeks (December 1st to April 20th) and includes 20 items. This time, I’ve included a few different products because I really want to get my money’s worth and remove them from my room clutter. I hope that you enjoy this post!



I have added two perfumes to this collection because I really want to finish both of these products. I bought the Inglot Solid Perfume in Purple Musk so long ago now, I couldn’t even tell you which year I bought it. It still smells incredible but I really want to move through it and potentially buy a new one when this one is finished. Katy Perry’s Meow perfume was gifted to me about two years ago and while it is still one of my favourite scents, I don’t want it to go bad before I’ve finished it. I thought these two would be great to try and finish during this project because they’re both sweet and summery. I’m about half way finished both of them.

Two single shadows, on the left we have Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean and on the right, we are visited by our old friend MAC Vintage Selection, from the last project pan. I swear I want this finished by the end of the year but that might not be achievable. I wear this every day that I wear makeup. Both of these are more or less essential so I know I can finish both of them, especially since both of them already have pan showing.


I wanted to add my favourite travel palette, the Modelsprefer Nudes palette, because it’s perfect. I have already hit pan on the shade ‘bare’, which is why I added Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean because they’re similar shades for the same purpose. My goal for this palette is to completely empty the shade ‘bare’, and possibly finish ‘natural’, ‘nature’, and ‘sand’ because they’re my most used shades. I would like to see pan on ‘bliss’ and ‘desert’ once ‘sand’ is finished but I’m not holding my breath. Once I’ve achieved my goals, I might repurchase this palette for the shades that I use up because they’re by far my favourite shadows for a really pretty but simple look!

Lastly for the eyes, we have the Face of Australia Brown Liquid liner and the Essence Lights of Orient Brow Definer. The Essence Brow Definer is probably a bit of a ‘gimme’ product (nearly empty) because I’ve used it every day since I received it but I really want to move to the warmer one now that my hair is lighter and warmer than when I purchased it. This is one of my favourite brow products so I’ll be sad to see it go but it was great while it lasted! And the FOA liner is pretty great. It is easy for me to get a nice thin line to define my eyes without it being too harsh, and it also creates the perfect wing. I love it but I am worried if I don’t use it up soon, it might just dry out before I really got to use it properly. I’m not really able to mark my progress of this one but I’ll just consider it done when it stops creating nice lines.


Next up is my one and only cruelty free concealer, ELF’s Maximum Coverage Concealer! I’d heard this product made for a great foundation because it has such good coverage but I didn’t find it had better coverage than my foundations, and it is a teensy bit too dark for me so it is better as an under eye concealer. I’ve got about 2/3s left of this product so hopefully I can use it up fairly quickly and maybe replace it with something else!

I don’t expect to finish either of these products but I would really like to see pan on both. I’ve only had the Physicians Formula Bronze Booster for about 7 months, so it’s not an old product by any means. This is by far my favourite bronzer that I’ve ever tried and I would like to see some progress for using it every day but as you can see, there’s pretty much no signs of wear haha. I might try and use this as a body bronzer as we move into some warmer weather. As for the Essence Bloom Me Up Shimmer Powder, I’ve had this in my collection for at least 3 years because I bought it on recommendation from self-proclaimed, non-beauty youtuber Brittany Lee Saunders. I really did love this highlighter and I pulled this out of my little storage trunk recently and thought I’d try it out again. It is a bit ashy but it might look nice as a body shimmer as well so I might try and get it to pan that way, again with the warmer weather.

I love LUSH Lip Scrubs but I have this issue, and it goes for most LUSH products, I’m very enthusiastic about the products when I first purchase them, but when it’s been a month, I completely forget and no matter how many times I put it in my line of sight to remind myself, I always forget to use it. I’ve been a bit better about that recently but I just can’t manage to stick to using this The Kiss lip scrub from their Valentine’s Day collection this year. I had my Popcorn scrub for almost two years and ended up having to half consume it so that I would actually get thought it. I love the flavour of this one, I just don’t need a scrub as often as I’d like. I also thought I’d add another Shanghai Lil lip balm in this pan since the last one I tried to pan went missing after a mysterious episode of day-drinking. I love these balms so if I make it through this one, I might add my last one in this before the end of this pan!

I really love these two lip balms from Chapstick. They were part of the Christmas duo and I didn’t want to use them up so I bought back ups but as you can see, I really didn’t need to buy back ups because I hardly used them over last Christmas. I know that it takes me about a month to finish regular Chapsticks so hopefully I can finish these up in time for Christmas if I obsessively moisturise my lips haha. They might need it after the lipsticks I’ve added in this pan!

I believe I received the Innoxa lip liner in Ruby Red in a Bella Box one month and if you’re familiar with my first posts on my blog, I stopped receiving Bella Box in December of 2014, so I’ve had this for way longer than I should have. I’ve held on to it because it’s my only nice red lip liner and I love wearing red lips but I almost never wear lip liner. So in an effort to try to either fall in love with it or just move it out of my collection, I’ve added it to this pan. And I’ve also added one traditional lipstick, the Essence Lights of Orient Sultan’s Daughter lipstick because it’s matte, nude and only 2g of product. I think if I wear it to work a lot, I should be able to finish it pretty quickly and if I do that, I might add a red lipstick to try and work through over Christmas. The Essence Matte formula is very underrated. I think it’s one of the best matte formulas because it’s comfortable and stays on forever. It’s so cheap as well. I’d highly recommend it.

I’m not the biggest fan of glosses but I have two from L’Oreal that I really love and I wanted to add one of them to this pan so that I can try and downside my small but still too large collection of lipgloss. The shade that I have picked is Molto Mauve, it was that music inspired line that I have no clue what the name is because L’Oreal only put the collections on the plastic packaging and leave the sleek actual product free from collection names. It is very annoying but it does make for a pretty product. I’ve also added Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Patina to this pan because I’ve never panned a liquid lipstick and because I bought this for my birthday last year and only wore it a handful of times, I thought I’d try and see how far I could get with it before it goes bad. I do really love this lipstick but I actually like a lot of other formulas better than this one so I would like to move it out.

And now for two sort of random products. I bought the Essano Rosehip Oil on sale because the box was crushed a bit and it was pretty discounted. I was right into oils toward the start of the year and stocked up, not knowing how long it took to actually use one up so now I need to use it before it goes bad. I’m about half way through the bottle so hopefully I can get some good use out of it in the pan! Lastly, I have added my ‘base coat’, the Sally Hansen Nail Hardener. I use this before I paint my nails and I have had it a while. Before I started working at Pandora, I used to paint my nails pretty infrequently but now I’m finding myself painting them again every few days so that they look perfect and pretty for work. I think I’m at least half way through the bottle so it won’t take too long for me to finish it!

So that’s everything that I’m going to be glued to for the next 4 and a half months! As I move products out, I’m sure I’ll add new ones in. I plan on updating you guys on my progress every month, so my next update won’t be until the new year. I can’t wait to share another Project Pan with you guys!


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Au revoir xxx

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