November Favourites

Hey guys!

November was a very busy month for me! It was my birthday, my brother’s birthday and my boyfriend’s birthday! Between the Priceline Cosmetics sale and actually having money (thank you, work), I’ve been able to try a lot of new things and fall in love with old things again. Also, I am planning another disappointing products post to make up for not adding that in my favourites each month. This way you’ll be able to see what I loved in my favourites and then what didn’t work for me in my disappointing products. If you’d like to see them combined into a favourites and fails post each month, next year, let me know! Now, on to the favourites!



1. Sally Hansen Kwik Dry Top Coat

I think I’ve had this product for a few months but my appreciation for it really fired up during November with me changing my nail polish so frequently for work. I’m very impatient and I also have a tendency of ruining my nails just after I’ve painted but this top coat really does dry quickly and doesn’t chip for at least a week!

2. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Mauve Along

I’d been seeing a lot of girls wearing mauve nail polish and I had been looking for the perfect shade of mauve and I found a pretty near perfect one in Sally Hansen’s Mauve Along. This shade pretty much matches every lipstick that I own and is a really gorgeous, classic nail shade. I’d highly recommend it if you want to make your nails look special without being too glam.

3. Australis Fake Eye-D Palette

If you’ve read my review of this palette, I think you already saw this coming. I really love this palette. There are so many nice colour combinations and you really don’t have to think too long and hard about how to create your daily look. So many palettes can incorporate colour in a way that when you look at a palette, you kind of get discouraged but I think this palette is really inspiring. The shades are beautiful and smooth. All are very pigmented, bar one, and I’d definitely recommend picking it up if you do want it because it is limited edition!

4. Essence Me and My Umbrella Matt Lipstick in I ❤ Rainy Days

Essence are killing me with their matte lipstick formula. They’re so cheap and such good quality. I always feel so glamourous when I wear the matte lipsticks, and the Me and My Umbrella lipsticks are no exception. I love this shade and I’m very well aware that I have many lipsticks in this shade already but I really wanted the packaging and I really wanted the formula. I bought this one during the Priceline 40% off Sale, so I got it for an even better price and have been wearing this lipstick a lot for work!

5. LUSH Buffy Body Conditioner

You guys will already know my thoughts on this product if you read my last post. A product that can do two jobs at once is incredibly convenient. This product is fantastic for those with drier skinned bodies, because it exfoliates and rehydrates all in one motion.

6. Pokemon Moon

I’ve been waiting for this game all year and I’m so happy to be playing a new pokemon game. I’m really enjoying Pokemon Moon, I think it is quite a bit easier than previous games but I also think in other ways it has been a bit more challenging. I really like some of the different elements, like a complete reshuffle of the traditional gym battles for Pokemon trials. I’m nowhere near finished but I am really enjoying it so far! I picked Popplio as my starter #QueenPrimarina

7. Philip DeFranco – Hot Dad

I watch Philip DeFranco religiously and when he shared this song by Hot Dad in his video, I kinda became obsessed? Hot Dad writes lots of really catchy songs so give him a lil listen if you’ve got a few minutes.

8. Don’t Wanna Know – Maroon 5

I love this song so much because it’s so peppy and the video clip is supposed to be a spoof of Pokemon Go! I used to love Maroon 5 as a kid and I’m glad I’m still enjoying their music as an adult!


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