Review: Natural Supply Co.!

Hey guys!

Today I want to talk about a fantastic website that I only recently had the pleasure of interacting with. Natural Supply Co. is a website filled to the brim with gorgeous organic and natural skincare, hair care, beauty, and more. This website is especially excellent for those of us who don’t have certain brands like Bite Beauty, Hurraw!, Kester Black, or Frank Green easily accessible in physical stores. I wanted to talk about this website and what I recently bought from them, because I was pretty blown away both by the sheer amount of products they sell and by the amazing customer service they provide! I hope that you enjoy this post and consider checking them out!



Natural Supply Co. was created in 2014 by three beautiful women that felt that they couldn’t find great natural beauty, skincare and lifestyle products, along with meaningful information, all in one place. Natural Supply Co. are passionate about using products that harness the power of natural ingredients and are beautiful to have in your bathroom, kitchen or home. They sell a large range of items, from candles to makeup, cleaning products to insect repellent, shampoo to organic tea.

I placed my order on Wednesday last week and it arrived on Friday the same week, which was amazing because even posting within Australia, packages can seriously take ages. I feel like I’m constantly at war with Auspost, but that’s a complaint for another time. Not only did my package arrive quickly, but it arrived so safely in this cute little cardboard container, reminiscent of the boxes you might eat takeaway from, filled with foam packaging noodles, a note, a sample and my products (which were also wrapped beautifully).

I only placed a very small order because I didn’t want to spend too much money but I really wanted to try out the service. As you know may know from the posts I made earlier this year about Y Natural and other organic skincare posts, I really would like to use natural skincare wherever I can because it is the best thing for your skin. So, because I feel like I’ve been choosing convenience over organic skincare, I chose to pick up a few small products that may soon become essentials that can replace my not-so-healthy skincare pics.


In the skincare section of the website, you can look at products by skin type and because I’ve been recovering from the over production of oil that the Neutrogena Hydro Boost range left me with, I opted for some soothing, oil-balancing products. I picked up the ECO. Modern Essentials Pimple Clear, ECO. Modern Essentials A Serum, and the Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask. I’ve been starting to test these products and may have some reviews coming soon, so if you’re interested in that, keep your eyes peeled!

If you have an interest in beautiful, natural beauty products that can all be found in one convenient website, definitely check out Natural Supply Co. I can’t wait to place another order as I start replacing more skincare items!


I hope that you’re having an absolutely fantastic day!

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