50 Facts About Me!

Hey guys!

I never really thought I’d be writing one of these posts but because I’ve gained so many new followers over the last few months, I wanted to share a few facts that might allow us to all become better friends and really get to know each other! I hope that you enjoy!


50 facts about me.png

1. I’m 22 years old
2. I have an Italian, Dutch, English and Welsh background
3. I have a brother who is a year and a week younger than me!

4. I’m a vegetarian
5. My favourite animals are pigs
6. My favourite soft drink is Pepsi Max and I drink it like it’s water

7. I keep a dream journal because I have nightmares most nights
8. I talk in my sleep
9. I have Restless Legs Syndrome

10. I’m scared of heights
11. I’m scared of being on bridges and jetties
12. I’ve never broken a bone

13. I can’t watch people scratch their forearms because it makes me feel sick
14. I hate anything scary
15. But one of my favourite TV shows is American Horror Story

16. My favourite colour is mint
17. My favourite flavour is mint chocolate
18. My favourite scent is vanilla chai

19. In high school, my favourite subjects were English, Drama and French
20. I have a degree in Applied Linguistics and French
21. I’ve written a thesis in Computer-Mediated Communication and French Translation

22. My favourite book series is Lord of the Rings
23. My favourite movie series is Star Wars
24. My favourite director is Wes Anderson

25. I always hoped I’d receive my Hogwarts letter
26. I love Disney more than ANYTHING else
27. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris

28. I’ve only been out of Australia twice, to France and New Zealand.
29. I’ve moved 6 times and lived in 5 different houses
30. I speak English, French and Italian. I’m also lazily learning Dutch, Greek and Japanese.

31. I’ve been planning my wedding since I was little (yes, that’s me!!)
32. I love watching wedding shows like 4 Weddings and Don’t Tell the Bride
33. I always wanted to enter a singing competition

34. I collect many notebooks and don’t use them
35. I love making lists
36. I collect lots of things: Pop Vinyls, Monster High Dolls, Sylvanian Families, etc.

37. I’m a serial song repeater and love 10h versions of songs so I don’t have to restart them
38. My favourite show is Steven Universe and I wrote my thesis on it!
39. I kept a diary from when I was 5 – 17

40. I binge watch TV Shows but start getting impatient as I watch and start looking up spoilers (I did this countless times for Pretty Little Liars and Game of Thrones)
41. If you put snack food in front of me, I won’t stop eating it. You’ve been warned
42. I always have at least 10 tabs open in my browser

43. I love buying cook books but I never use them. I always look online for recipes
44. I love cooking but I tend to get into ruts where I make the same thing every night
45. I love beans, chickpeas and lentils

46. Christmas is my favourite holiday
47. I have a knack for owning tech that breaks easily, but never is physically damaged
48. I get overwhelmed when I have a lot to do so I procrastinate and create more tasks to complete. Thus creating a never ending cycle of stress and procrastination.

49. I love cosplaying
50. And I work for Pandora!


I hope that you enjoyed the post!

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Au revoir xxx

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