Review: LUSH Solid Perfume Trio!

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As you guys might know, I went to a LUSH event earlier this month and picked up quite the haul and I’m starting to use all of the items and starting to form opinions and I’m ready to start sharing those opinions! The first review that I wanted to share was the solid perfumes because they were the first thing that went in my basket at the event and was definitely the thing I was most excited about. I really hope that you enjoy this review and find it helpful!



When I saw the perfume stall at the new LUSH Rundle Mall, I was pretty overwhelmed because I adore perfume and I had a lot of scents to sniff haha. I’m not the biggest fan of anything rose but I do enjoy other floral scents, I also gravitate toward vanilla and citrus scents, so naturally, Vanillary, Sun, and Kerbside Violet were on my radar and they were in a convenient little trio for about $32. I prefer solid perfumes because they are easy to take with you without taking up a lot of room or the danger of spillage. I believe each solid perfume retails for around $12 so you’re not really getting a deal but this might be a cute idea for a gift this Christmas.

The first perfume that I tried out was Sun because it was the lightest scent in the trio. This scent contains notes of Brazilian orange, mimosa, and sandalwood. I adore this scent because it is so citrus-y and fresh. I think it is the perfect summer scent. Unfortunately, this is my least favourite of the trio but only because it has such a weak scent payoff. If you’re wanting any kind of scent payoff, you need to apply quite a bit and you’ll need to keep reapplying every hour or so to get the full effect. The same can be said for the traditional liquid perfume. I struggled to catch the scent in store and it was the first scent that I tried, so I know it wasn’t because I was overloading my senses with different smells. While it is disappointing that the scent isn’t very potent and doesn’t last too long, it is really pretty if you’re willing to put the effort in to make it work. At around $12, it is worth making it work because you won’t be wasting product, like you might with the traditional perfume.

The next perfume that I tried was Kerbside Violet because I hadn’t smelled this scent before that night and I was most intrigued by it. It has a very fresh and floral scent but it isn’t overpowering or, in my opinion, polarising, like rose scents can be. This scent contains notes of violet, jasmine and rosewood. I wore this scent to work a few times and I got some compliments from customers, so the scent does permeate the air quite far around where you’ve applied the fragrance. I’ve found this scent to last about 4 hours before it really starts to dwindle. If you have a job where you know you want to smell extra special and are able to reapply every 4 or so hours, then I would recommend this perfume to you. The only thing that I dislike about it is that I don’t understand why companies like to colour their solid perfumes, this applies to many companies, not just LUSH. When a perfume is coloured, the colour often transfers on to the skin when it is applied. If you’re only applying it lightly, it can be near undetectable, but when you’re applying it to a shadowed area, like your neck, it can make the shadows look like bruises, which is a bit unattractive and may cause concern. This isn’t a huge issue but it is something to be aware of. Having this perfume be the beige colour that it probably is naturally would not detract from the fragrance experience at all.

Lastly, I tried Vanillary, because I knew it’d be my most favourite and I knew that I didn’t really need to try it as badly as I did the others. This scent is by far the strongest of the trio and has sweet vanilla, tonka and jasmine notes. This scent lasted about 5 hours before I noticed that it had faded and I quickly reapplied it. This scent is extremely sweet and if you’re a big vanilla fan, like I am, you won’t be able to go past this scent. I have no complaints at all about this scent and this would be the first of the bunch of which I would consider purchasing a traditional version.

All of the perfumes featured in this trio are vegan friendly and, like all LUSH products, are cruelty free. I would recommend the LUSH perfumes and I would particularly recommend Vanillary in the solid format. I love Kerbside Violet and Sun but I don’t believe they benefit so much from the solid form, as Vanillary does. Kerbside Violet has the slight staining issue and Sun can be near undetectable, where that may be fixed with a few extra sprays of the traditional perfume. I’d definitely be interested in trying more of the LUSH fragrances as I finish these!


Which scent would you recommend?

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