November Wishlist!

Hey guys!

It’s that time again where I share with you all of the things that I’ve been lusting after and this month I actually have quite a things so let’s just jump straight into it! I hope that you enjoy the post!



1. Amazinger Face by Zoe Foster Blake

Amazinger Face is an updated version of the original beauty-bible (Amazing Face) by Zoe Foster Blake. This book came out a few months ago and I never really wanted it because I have read a few beauty books and honestly I think I have all of the information I need, I just need the skills but I flicked through this book at the shops recently and I really loved it. Not only does it have tips for someone who’s my age but there are also tips for those ten, twenty, even thirty years older than me. There are skin care tips, makeup tips, hair tips. All the tips you could ever want. It is a fantastic resource and I think I’d really love to have it and read over again and again.

2. Barry M Flawless Face Primer

I recently saw this in my local Big W and gave it a bit of a test and LOVED how it made my skin feel. There are three different types of this primer, the regular, the brightening and the anti-redness and I’m honestly not sure which of the three I really want but I definitely do want to try one of them. I really love Barry M as a brand and I’d love to try another primer!

3. MOR Mon Amie Fragrance in Adele

This line is fairly new to MOR and I believe it contains perfumes, hand creams and body lotions, but don’t quote me on that. There are five different fragrances, all with a different feminine name. Adele is probably the sweetest of the bunch and has vanilla, musk, orange, bergamot, and spice notes! I’ve been thinking about picking it up for a month and it’s only $20 so I really should just try it out and stop sitting on the fence haha.

4. LUSH Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar

I tried this product out at the LUSH event that I went to this month and it’s so cute and I love the shimmer that it leaves on the skin. The product conditions the skin while leaving a little trail of sparkles behind that leave your skin looking SO magical. I can definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of this during the summer, if we can ever escape this awful winter weather that we still have hanging over us here in Adelaide.

5. Kat Von D Alchemist Palette

The holographic packaging inticed me and the duochrome highlighting toppers sold me. I’m not certain of when this palette will actually be released but it’s being sneak peeked again all over beauty instagrams so I expect it’ll be out pretty soon!

6. MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Pinwheel

Along the same lines as the last product, I really am loving the colour shifting highlighting products that are exploding on the market this year. I did want the ABH Moon Child Palette a few months ago but I heard that the blue shades all look quite similar on the face so it’s kinda not so worth it. That’s why I think I’d like this a bit more. I love that you get four different shades in the one product because I get to play with lots of different things and try different combinations!

7. BH Cosmetics Supernova Palette

As you guys know, if you’ve been following for a while, I already own the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette and I love it. I lusted after it for so so long, I mean YEARS, before I could actually buy it myself. This palette was sneak peaked pretty recently and while the colours do kinda look the same as the Galaxy Chic but in a different order, I still think I need this haha. I want everything galaxy themed and I want it NOW!


And that’s it for this month’s wishlist post! What have you guys been lusting after recently?

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Au revoir xxx

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