Pandora Christmas 2016 Collections + Wishlist

Hey guys!

Because I’m lucky enough to work for Pandora, I get to play with a lot of the new release items prior to their launch and so I’ve had a lot of these products in my wishlist for a long time and I’ve been very eager to share all of the items that you might be able to pick up for yourself or a loved one this holiday season. I’m going to give a brief overview of the collections that have released for the holiday season and then share my wishlist and even the pieces that I’ve created with some of the new items! I hope that you enjoy!



The first collection that came out for Christmas is the Celestial Tales Collection and it is my most favourite of the collections released for this period.


In a sky so wide shines a star so bright, its flickering trail offers precious light. A mysterious moon guides us on our journey through a wondrous world filled with beauty.

This collection contains six charms, earrings and a bangle, all can be paired well with existing pieces. 

This collection was based on the beauty of the night sky and features a new enamel colour, midnight blue, that has little glitter particles throughout to symbolise the stars in the night sky. This collection features a murano charm that is hand painted and hand finished, so no two Starry Night Murano charms are the same. My favourite charm in the collection is the Vintage Night Sky Hanging Charm that features the quote ‘I love you to the moon and back’ on the back of the charm.

The next collection is Patterns of Frost.


Dancing in the winter air, delicate snowflakes fall. Artistic patterns that touch the heart, and last forever in your hand. Dusted with icy beauty, winter blooms excite.

This collection contains five charms, two pendants, two earrings and one ring. There are many options from the existing range that will pair really nicely with this collection!

This collection was inspired by the colour shifting effects that light on frost has. This collection is filled with blue tones and vintage stone settings. The different stone cuts together create patterns inspired by the intriguing patterns of frost. My favourites from this range are definitely from the Crystallised Floral section but I really do love the colours of the Patterns of Frost pieces. Any fan of Frozen really should check out this collection because I think it’s right up your alley!

The next collection is the Magic of Christmas collection!

Decorated Christmas tree

Wake up to the magic of Christmas, filled with stories of cheer. Rejoice in days with family and friends, this and every year.

This collection contains ten charms and one elements set for the locket necklace!

This collection screams tradition Christmas, sometimes a foreign concept to those of us who enjoy the holiday in a warmer season. However this collection brings an overall feeling of warmth and love, something that I think we can all experience around this holiday. The Festive Tree charm has 14 flush-set stones and is topped with a beautiful golden star. The Merry Christmas Bauble is limited edition so if you think you might like it, it’s better to get in now and secure it than have FOMO later haha. My favourite of these charms is the house charm, I think it’s so cute. I’d totally make a bracelet with this because I love Christmas but Christmas does only come around once a year and I’d hate to only get 2 months wear out of the bracelet every year so for me it’s not on my list but all of the charms are stunning and I’d highly recommend picking one up if you love Christmas or already have a Christmas bracelet!

The last collection is the Shining Sentiments collection!


To have and to hold, forever more, are the memories of my life. Shimmering stones reveal moments of beauty that will never fade.

This collection contains six charms, two pendants, two earrings, and three rings. This collection works so well with the existing Timeless Elegance collection that Pandora already has, as well as many of the glamourous jewellery from other collections.

This collection features freshwater, cultured pearls, which are real pearls but are grown and farmed. This way, we can make many pearls but it is both ethical and cost effective for the consumer. This collection is so gorgeous and contains so many timeless pieces that’ll make you feel like the bell of the ball (or in my case the bell of my bedroom). My favourite pieces are the Vintage Elegance Oval cut ring, which is a new cut for Pandora, and the Snowflake Heart Hanging Charm, which has the quote ‘you keep me warm’ engraved into the heart!

That’s all of the collections that were released for the holiday season! Now on to what I want to purchase from the collection and what I hope to do with it haha.

The first thing that I want is the bangle that you get when you spend $150 in one transaction. For the last four years they’ve done this and this year is no different. I won’t be saying when it will be released, you’ll just have to sign up to Pandora Club to receive the emails that let you know when it’s being released ;). I also can’t show it to you but it’s really really cute!

And as I mentioned earlier, I want pieces from the Celestial Tales Collection. I adore anything to do with space and this collection really came out at the perfect time for me because I can get all of these beautiful pieces with my staff discount 😉 haha. So the charms that I want are the Vintage Night Sky Openwork Charm, the Vintage Night Sky Hanging Charm, the Moonlight Blue Radiant Hearts Openwork Charm, and the Galaxy Spacer. I also really love the Murano charm but I don’t think I want to actually own it. It is really gorgeous though.

I also want to pair these charms with the Celestial Tales charms on the bangle. There’s also a retired moon and star charm that I want so I’m going to have to hunt that one down like a CRAZY PERSON.


To go with this bangle, I am creating a ring stack with a ring that I already own! I have owned the September Birthstone ring for two and a half years now because September is the month that Frankie and I started dating (this September was our three year anniversary!). Thank god I picked this ring because it ties in perfectly with this little ring stack that I’ve planned. I purchased the beaded silver ring yesterday so all I have left to purchase is the Trail of Stars ring, which I believe is being discontinued and isn’t sold in my store anymore so this will be a bit of a mission to find but I’m willing to do it to achieve my galaxy goddess dreams.

So that’s everything from the collections and from what I want to create! Is there anything that you’ve got your eye on this Christmas? Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, there’s still tonnes of new stuff for you that I think would look really gorgeous.


I hope that you’re having a fantastic day!

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Au revoir xxx

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