Tips for 100 Days of Makeup

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to take some time to share some tips for those who might be considering partaking in the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge, or any sort of makeup challenge. I hope that this is helpful and that you really enjoy it, whether or not you plan on taking on a makeup challenge!



1. Plan Your Looks

About a month before I started the challenge, I set out a few pages in a note book so that I could plan all the looks I wanted to do and when I wanted to do them. Obviously it wasn’t set in stone and there was a lot of shifting and changing, pages being ripped out, that sort of thing. But I can’t stress enough how much easier it is to have all of your looks preplanned or at least half preplanned. This is especially important if you are a busy person and work a lot because you’ll be able to know when you need to create or post looks in advance and won’t be stressed or give up. Knowing when movies are being released and special holidays is super handy and if you can create a look around it, it keeps your looks fun and relevant.

2. Create Looks in Advance

This is just as important as having your looks preplanned. About the same time as I started the planning process, I started creating looks. I’d created 3 week’s worth of looks in advance prior to the actual start date because I didn’t want to get overwhelmed if I had to go to a meeting or something of that nature. I also visited my boyfriend every weekend so I needed to ensure that I’d have looks at least created for the weekend so that I didn’t have to double post when I was back home to make up for it. I never wanted to fall behind because I feel like it does give your followers a bit of a bad impression, like you aren’t organised. I know that it isn’t the end of the world but I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, because that is part of the challenge. Halloween Week had been planned from the beginning of the challenge, as you might remember from my introduction post here. I also was going to be submitting my thesis that week so I wanted to create the majority of those looks early so that I would have time to focus on completing the thesis. I did end up altering what I’d planned from 7 looks to 5 looks with blog posts but I managed to get everything done and have a whole week off before actually submitting my final look on the 31st of October.

3. Invest in Lighting

This is more of a tip than a guideline but investing in a little light for my phone helped me immensely. It meant that I could essentially create a makeup look any time I felt the urge to and I wouldn’t be challenged by night. I usually reserved using artificial light for eye looks because natural light is always better, but for weeks like Halloween Week and American Horror Story week, having that kind of creepy lighting worked in my favour. The only issue is you will need to edit every photo because a lot of the details will be washed out. So it’s a bit more effort than day-time photography.

4. Keep it Interesting

This is definitely more of a personal preference thing. The last thing that I wanted to do was create 100 of the same type of looks. I didn’t want people to come to my instagram and think I’d just taken 100 selfies with every day makeup because it is really boring to me, and I even said that in my introduction post. The challenge is meant to be a challenge, and everyday makeup isn’t exactly challenging, which defeats the purpose of doing the challenge. I’m not saying you need to whip out the SFX kit every day, but always keep it interesting and try different looks. There were a few times that I did do more everyday looks but having them dotted between blown out creative looks is definitely more appealing than having 10 clumped one after the other.

5. Challenge Yourself

As I said before, this is a challenge and it is meant to challenge you so trying something that is out of your comfort zone is definitely encouraged. I’d never worked with latex myself so when I created the Twisty look for the American Horror Story premiere, I had to really challenge myself and know that it may not turn out but I had to just give it a go. This is where preplanning and creating looks in advance comes in handy because if you don’t like how a look turned out, you can just wash the makeup off and try again and you won’t have any time pressure. I did abandon a handful of looks that I didn’t think were up to standard because they either looked a bit messy or I just thought that the style didn’t suit what I’d envisioned. Don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work, it is all a learning experience and you’ll gain a lot of skills just from attempting this challenge.

6. Have Fun!

And lastly, have fun with it. Yeah this challenge is hard, but if you’re doing looks that you love, you’re going to absolutely love this challenge. This challenge was one of the best things that I’ve done. I pushed myself to create looks that I probably never would have done without this. I also got to do a few series of looks that I’d really been wanting to do, like the Pokemon Go Teams, American Horror Story and Harry Potter Houses. Be inspired by what you love and you’re going to have an absolute ball doing it.

I noticed that during this challenge, a lot of people that are also taking part in the challenge will follow you so that you guys have a bit of an inspiration community. I know a bunch of instagrammers who followed me during the challenge and are doing so well and I’m still so inspired by them every day. It is such a rewarding challenge and I couldn’t recommend it enough!


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Au revoir xxx

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