LUSH Rundle Mall Store Relocation Media Event

Hey guys!

Last friday, I was lucky enough to attend my second LUSH event! My first was at LUSH Marion when they were first opening and this one was at the recently relocated (right next door) Rundle Mall store! I wanted to share with you the experience because we had such a great night playing with products and gaining a lot of great information! I hope that you enjoy!



At 6pm, myself and about 40 other bloggers eagerly awaited entry into the new and very exciting LUSH store. I kept peeking through the little slit in the door to try and make out the floor plan but alas, I couldn’t see very much at all. I was soon put out of my misery when the door opened and we all made our way into the store.


We were greeted by LUSH PR and were handed a giftcard to spend how we liked on LUSH products. I literally expected nothing from this, just a fantastic time in the store so when we were handed the giftcard, I was already floored haha.

We took two steps to the left and were met with a cocktail bar that served two cocktails inspired by two LUSH products! One was LUSH’s shower gel in Bubbly and the other was their bath bomb in Shoot for the Stars! Zoe picked Bubbly and Caitlan and I picked up Shoot for the Stars!

The new store is split level, and massive. In fact, the store is four times the size of the previous store and is now the largest store in Australia! How crazy is that! In Adelaide of all places!

After we picked up our drinks, we made for the stairs and were greeted by my buddy Alice and were shown some shampoo and conditioner products. I’m pretty well versed in this area of LUSH products but I’m always happy to learn more because you never know when you’ll learn something new!

After a quick little look around the store, we were formally welcomed to the new store and received a few speeches about LUSH’s global success both as a business and with their work to end animal cruelty and reduce waste. We also heard about some of their best products like Charity Pot, which is one of my favourite products.

The upper level of the store is where you’ll find the skincare, hair care, makeup, perfumes and gel and solid soaps. The lower level is where you’ll find the bath bombs, melts, bubble bars, etc.

Upstairs, we could make our own Shoot for the Stars bath bomb, the same as the cocktail I’d had earlier! I was SO PUMPED because I’d seen YouTubers go to the LUSH factories and make products and I always thought it’d be so fun. I was super slow making mine so I probably wouldn’t be great in the factory BUT Zoe’s was great and Caitlan did a great job too. And we got to take our bath bombs home!

After we made our bath bombs, we headed back downstairs to see some demos of products and I was very eager to see the Magic of Christmas Bubble bar. The handle is a cinnamon stick!


Zoe was laughing at how it kinda looked like beer and I caught her mid laugh and I had to share the photo because it’s be cutest and best photo ever haha.


There’s also an activity area on the lower level and for this event, they had two bikes set up and we could ride the bike and blend ourselves a smoothie! It was so fun and so cute! Zoe and I made some super cute smoothies. Totally instagram-worthy, in my opinion.

Now, naturally, it wouldn’t be an event without some selfies so here are a few silly ones that I took.

And here are some of the photos we took together!

Here is what I managed to score at the event. I couldn’t believe the amount that I received. I picked up:

  • Northern Lights Bath Bomb
  • Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb
  • Sleepy Body Lotion
  • Mask of Magnaminty
  • Queen Bee Hair Treatment
  • Perfume Trio containing Sun, Vanillary, and Kerbside Violet
  • Buffy Body Conditioner
  • Key Lime Pie Lip Balm
  • Moon Phases Knot Wrap

I’m very happy to write up reviews for any of the products seen here if you would like to know more. I’m sure I’ll be dotting them into my regular blog schedule. I’ve already had a few requests to review the perfumes so that’ll probably be the first one that I release!

I quickly want to give a huge thank you to LUSH Rundle Mall for having us and Promote SA for inviting us! I would never have the amazing opportunities that I do with blogging if it weren’t for Promote SA!

Make sure that you check out the store. It is absolutely incredible!


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Au revoir xxx

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