Halloween Week: Matchmaker from Mulan

Hey ghouls!

Today’s look for Halloween Week is the glorious and gorgeous Matchmaker from Disney’s Mulan. I wanted to do a really fun look among the more serious and creepy Halloween looks that I wanted to create this year. I did this look months back so that I’d be able to have all of these Halloween looks up in the last week before handing in my thesis and I’m super glad that I did it early because I’m glad to have been able to bring this look to you! So I hope that you enjoy this look and maybe consider it for this year’s Halloween parties!


Matchmaker Tutorial

I started out with pretty basic makeup. I wore my L’Oreal Super Blendable Foundation in C1 and my ELF Max Coverage Concealer with my RCMA No Color Powder. I then just blended Makeup Geek’s Glass Slipper all over my mobile lid and blended it a little into my crease. This was actually the first time I’d used the shadow and I really loved it. It’s a really gorgeous colour and it even works as an all over lid shade because it’s base is pretty neutral and when you blend the edges, it looks like you did more work than you really did haha. I added my signature wing with my Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner and just gave my lashes a coat of CoverGirl’s Super Sizer. I needed my eyebrows to be dark and blocky so I used quite a bit of my Chi Chi Brow Pomade in Medium Brown and just really filled them in the best I could. My cheeks and lips are coloured with Shanghai Suzy’s Miss Victorine Classic Red lipstick. I needed something poppy and creamy because later on, we needed to make it look as if it was running in the tea drenched version of this character.

Next up was adding the classic ink mo’ that she sports during Mulan’s evaluation. I essentially just drew the moustache on with my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean and prayed that it wouldn’t rub off onto my fingers too much when I reenacted this scene for the photos haha. Certainly demonstrating a sense of dignity here. The matchmaker would be so proud.

And finally the post tea spillage look. I took NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean and ran it under my eyes a few times to make it opaque and took an angled eye brush and dragged the product down my face, as if parts had been picked up by the tea as it trickled down my face. I did the same to my moustache but I started by drawing with the pencil and made it more defined with the brush later on. I added some more of Shanghai Suzy’s Miss Victorine Classic Red lipstick to my cheeks to make it look like it had run with tea tracks down my face and then I blended it out with my finger to make it a bit more faint.

I really hope that you enjoyed this Halloween look! I really enjoyed creating it. It was definitely really quick and easy to do so if you’re in a pinch, this might just be the look for you!


I hope that you have a spooky day!

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Au revoir xxx

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