Halloween Week: Living Dead Doll

Hey ghouls!

I knew I wanted to do one pretty cliche Halloween look and I thought I’d try my hand at a cracked doll with a bit of a twist. Dolls are inanimate objects but I wanted this look to be more gory for the sake of it being Halloween so I thought I’d make her a bit more alive by taking her eyes out and having her bleeding from her eye sockets! YUM. I hope that you enjoy the look!



I’d never done a look like this before so I was a bit nervous because I feel like it’s one of those looks where if you make a mistake, you have to start a whole area again and that’s never much fun but I think it went alright for a sort of first time thing. I’d definitely recommend doing this look for Halloween if you don’t maybe plan on going out or you want to do this beforehand to post on Halloween because your eyes need to be closed to get the full effect.

I had a little mishap with the Graftobian Blood Paste as you may be able to tell, it didn’t stick to my foundation and powder, it just kinda grouped together and pretended it hadn’t been applied. It;s the same effect as when you try to use a texta on a laminated piece of paper and it doesn’t properly adhere and you just are left with little speckles in the trail that you’d originally drawn. I don’t know why this happened because this was the same base that I used for my Twisty look for American Horror Story Roanoke’s release and it didn’t do this.

I used the Mehron Cremeblend stick in Alabaster, the RCMA No Color Powder (I’m determined to use it despite hating it), my Rimmel blush from my Project Pan, NYX Blush in Taupe, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean and set it with the black from the Morphe 12P palette. I drew on the cracks with my Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner. And for the lips, I used Jeffree Star’s Doll Parts liquid lipstick.

I hope that you enjoyed this Cracked Doll/Living Dead Doll look! If you try this out for Halloween, make sure that you let me know!


I hope that you have a spooky day!

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Au revoir xxx

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