First Impressions: Neutrogena Hydro Boost

Hey guys!

Last week, Priceline had a 50% off of Big Brands sale and one of the brands included in the sale was Neutrogena. Ever since Caitlan of Procrasticaitlan featured her skincare routine using it, I knew that I wanted to get my hands on it. With the sale, I thought now was the best time to try it out! There were only a few products in stock so I only managed to get three of the items but I’ll give you a quick spoiler, I’m definitely going to be purchasing the rest of the range when I can! I didn’t want to do a proper review just yet because I’ve only been using the products for a week. However, I do hope that you enjoy this little first impressions post and find it helpful!



So the products that I managed to purchase in the sale were the Hydro Boost Foaming Cleanser, the Serum and the Daily Gel Moisturiser. I really wanted the Night Concentrate because that is the most raved about product and I really do like to get a lot of moisture into my skin overnight.

I have been talking about my skin all year and I really do feel like it is combination/dehydrated. I have some dry patches but for the most part, my skin does look quite oily halfway through the day and my explanation for that is that I’m not giving my skin the moisture that it needs. I’ve gone through my skincare routine a few times on my blog and you can read the most recent one here. I have been neglecting masks recently and being so busy with my thesis, I had been neglecting my regular skincare a bit as well. I had been using oils and serums but my skin was more or less working the same. I was struggling to find a middle ground between dry patches without oil, and makeup breakdown from oil but no dry patches. I found that if I was really treating my skin in the morning, my makeup would look very dewy by the end of the day, and if I had a longer day, my makeup was just a mess afterward. Here’s where this range comes in. I’m a big believer in purchasing a line of products from the same brand because I believe they are all designed to work together. I am a little bit glad that I wasn’t able to purchase everything that I wanted because this way, I can introduce some of the line with my every day skincare and my skin won’t freak out from the sudden change in routine.

So what do I actually think of the products?

I’m usually not into foaming cleansers because they can be quite stripping to the skin. I am more of a fan of gel cleansers but I thought I’d give this a go because it was half price and if I didn’t like it, I hadn’t lost too much money and could just use it in the shower. I actually really like this product. I use 2-3 pumps of the cleanser and massage it over a damp face. I use circular motions to really get into all of the hard to reach places that might have oil and dirt build-up from over night. I tend to use this product in the morning because it is gentle, and as the name suggests, it is quite moisturising. My skin always feels quite smooth after I use this and I think it’s a great start to my morning skincare routine.

The serum is the next thing that I apply in the morning. I use this product day and night and I’m enjoying it. It doesn’t take too long to sink into the skin and it has a fresh scent. All of these products do have an artificial powdery scent, which I don’t mind too much. It is very mild, if you’re worried about that. Serums work deep in the skin and condition it lower than just the top layer of skin, which is really important. I always say that you can’t put a bandaid on everything and hope that it’s going to get better. So if I’ve got dry skin, I can’t just pile on moisturisers and hope that my skin won’t be dry anymore. I need to work in the lower layers of the skin to help it repair there first. I really enjoy this product and I think it works well with the other products in the line.

Lastly, the daily gel moisturiser. I don’t tend to use moisturisers quite like this. I’m more of a fan of the squeeze tube ones because they’re more hygienic and the air and germs within the air don’t contaminate the product every time I open it. This gel moisturiser is really smooth and makes my skin feel great. I haven’t used this product every day because I do find that it can make my skin look a bit dewy toward the end of the day but not in an unflattering way. It doesn’t take too long to sink into the skin but if I’m working on my makeup right away, I will need to skip it to save time and use a quicker absorbing moisturiser before my makeup. This product does help to make my makeup look quite smooth in the morning and even when it starts making my skin a bit dewy, my skin looks healthy and glowy rather than a melty monster ahhaha.

So overall, I am really enjoying the products. I’ll have to see over time whether or not I really love it and see an improvement in my skin overall. Later on I will be picking up a few of the other products like the night concentrate and the sheet masks.


I hope that you enjoyed the post!

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