Pandora Wishlist!

Hey guys!

As I mentioned in my Birthday Wishlist, I just recently got a job at Pandora and I’m SUPER thrilled about it! I have to wear the jewellery as part of my uniform and so I thought that I’d take this opportunity to get myself a few new pieces during the time that I work there! So today I’m going to be sharing everything that is on my wishlist at the moment from their current collection! I hope that you enjoy!



I want to start off by sharing the items that I want to get first.

I mentioned the Blooming Dahlia ring and the Vintage Allure studs in my Birthday Wishlist post and it’s definitely one of the first items that I want to get but I think the thing that I want most of all is the Signature Pandora ring because I want it to be a memento of my time working at Pandora. I am only contracted as a Christmas casual at this stage and I want it to be a really special time so I thought that if I got this ring, it could always remind me of my time working for the company. And if I do stay on longer, it will still be special to me because it’ll be one of the first items that I’d have bought myself with my first paycheck haha. If you can’t tell, I’m incredibly sentimental, so I’m PERFECT for Pandora.

These are the other two rings that I’d love to get while I’m working at Pandora. The first ring is the Radiant Elegance Feature Ring and the reason that I want this ring is actually kinda funny. I had a dream where Frankie (my boyfriend) and I were getting married and it was a super small wedding and I was so eager to see what my ring looked like and it was this ring but in it’s gold version! I remember thinking that it’s not the kind of ring that I’d pick for myself but I liked it. Now I really do want the ring but in silver because it’s more affordable and all of my other jewellery is silver haha. The second ring is the Silver Radiant Hearts of PANDORA Ring and my mum and I had been looking at this ring but in gold on the website. I love how simple it is but on the side it has all of those little hearts. I think it’s so cute and elegant.

I already own a bracelet from Pandora and it’s completely full. I always thought I’d have some sense of satisfaction with never needing to buy more charms to fill my bracelet but now that it’s finished, I’m realising how many gorgeous charms I now can’t put on my bracelet so I’m thinking I would like another one that I can wear on my other arm. I really adore the Charming Owls Charm because it kinda reminds me of my boyfriend and I. He loves owls and they look so sweet together. I also really love butterflies and I thought that the Fluttering Butterflies Charm would look gorgeous on this new bracelet.

A few other charms that I’d really like are the Springtime Openwork Charm, the October Signature Heart Birthstone Charm, the Pink Primrose Meadow Charm and the Darling Daisy Meadow Clip, which I want two of to put on those little indents on the bracelet. I was trying hard not to pick every baby pink charm I saw because they’re all so gorgeous and while I do like themed bracelets, I don’t know that I want to commit to a solely baby pink and silver bracelet. I adore the Springtime Openwork charm. I think it is absolutely stunning. The October birthstone charm was actually a charm that I used in a scenario in my interview and I loved it. My birthday is in November but I like pink more than yellow. If I do continue the pink and silver theme, the two Blooming Dahlia charms are likely to be added to this list haha.

Speaking of the Blooming Dahlia charms, I would also love to get the earrings to go with the bracelet and potentially the charms. I also really love the Frosted Droplets Necklace. I think it’s super cute and I love that shade of blue! It would be perfect for someone who loves the Disney movie Frozen too haha.

And that’s all that is on my wishlist right now! I might make a post next month about the Christmas items that I think are worth looking out for this year. I’m honestly so excited to work for Pandora because I’ve loved their jewellery for so long and now I get the chance to sell it!


I hope that you enjoyed the post!

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Au revoir xxx

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