Project Pan Update #4

Hey guys!

Welcome to the last update of my project pan before the finale! I can’t believe that we’re almost at the end of this project and it’s kinda sad that I haven’t really reached many goals with this but it was my first project pan so it was a bit of a learning curve haha. I have made some good progress this month and I’m excited to share it with you all!



I’ll start with the products I’ve finished and the show you the progress I’ve made with my other products


I finally finished the L’Oreal True Match from the US that I didn’t like too much. The colour was way too pink, I definitely need the N1. I wore this in most of my 100 Days of Makeup looks to use up the foundation. I am so happy to be done with it! And I also finished my Urban Decay Primer Potion! I’m pretty excited about this one too because I had it for ages and thought it was finishing when I added it to this project but I was so wrong hahaha. Happy to finally move to my cheaper alternative, Milani Eye Primer.


Now on to what I’m removing, I’m finally removing this Australis Metallix eyeshadow in Jay Zed. I’m a bit sad but realistically I wont wear it. It’s been good for 100 Days of Makeup but now that I’ve finished almost all of my looks, it’s not likely I’ll need it for anymore of them. And it’s gone bad so I’m happy to say ‘ta ta’ to this crappy thing haha. Another thing that I unwillingly removed was the Shanghai Lil lip balm I added. Not too long after announcing that I had added it, I lost it. I went out to lunch with friends and had a few drinks and possibly lost it while I was out with them or maybe on the bus going home because that night I couldn’t find it and I was devastated! I’m really sad that it’s gone because I really loved it but I do have a few other balms that I’m rotating to replace it but there won’t be a replacement that actually goes into this project pan because there’s essentially only two weeks left after this post of my project.

Now on to the progress

As you can see, I made it to the bottom in this last month. I used this in a few more creative looks and was able to use it more than just wearing it under all of my eyeshadow looks, which was really great. I do really love this product and I’m happy to be using it while it’s still soft and creamy. I’m excited to see how much more I use before the end of the project.

I accidentally gauged a bit of this out with my nail (thank god) and I was actually able to get a bit more pigment on my brush over the last month. I always apply my blush lightly because I don’t want it to clash with my shadow or lipstick, but because it had kicked up a bit with the damage, I applied it more boldly and I did enjoy it. Still not sign of progress really. I think next time I try to add a blush to a project pan, it’ll be one that already has pan so that I actually have a hope of using it up. I have one blush in mind that I might use with a summer project pan in December.

This has been my favourite item in my project pan because it’s been really versatile. I’ve always made more progress every time I do these posts so I’m never disappointed with this one. I think I’d said that I’d remove it from my collection at the end of the project but I think I’ll keep it because I don’t think it’ll be too hard to completely finish it too soon after the project. I’ll just have to permanently move it to my every day makeup bag.

After great progress, we’re right back to no progress haha. I hate having this product in my collection and in this project. In these next two weeks, I’m going to really try and use it in any way I can think of to just try and use it.

I think that I only used this lipstick a handful of times this month because I was really focusing on my other lipstick and between that and 100 Days of Makeup looks, I didn’t really have much time to use this one. I won’t be finished by the end date but I think that it’ll be getting close to finished when we finally end this project!

I’ve actually made QUITE good progress on this one! I focused a lot of my attention to finishing this lipstick because it is the easier lipstick out of the two that I have in this collection. I was able to wear it to work and with eye looks that were quite bold.


One reason I’m eager to get it out of my collection is because it is looking pretty bad. Because it rubs up against a compact that I received for my birthday, it gets a lot of pretty bad scratches. Pretty much every lipstick I take around with me gets these scratches so I suppose, I want it to be finished while it’s still looking like a MAC lipstick so I can Back-To-MAC it.

I added an item for my missing lip balm because I’d heard that any product you have to sharpen don’t take too long to finish so I thought that if I added one, I might have a chance of finishing it by the finale!

I’ve added an Inglot lip liner that I bought last year. It swatched really nice and is a really pretty colour but it’s far to light on the lips to wear on it’s own. Its great for adding a bit of pink to nude lipsticks, so I’ve been wearing this under my Viva Glam lipstick. I have made a little bit of progress with this one. I didn’t know the distance I’d taken the first photo so when I took this second one, it looks like I haven’t even used it but I have, I promise haha. Hopefully it’ll be near finished by the time that I finish this project! I won’t be removing this one because I really only just added it and it’s still good quality, just not my favourite.

That’s all for this update! I can’t wait to see how much progress I make next month!


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Au revoir xxx

5 thoughts on “Project Pan Update #4

    • I think the newer version they came out with when they made it permanent is better than the one I had. I’ve heard good things now so I’m tempted to try it now but I just prefer powder shadows or pigments. I hope it works out for you! The colour is stunning

      Liked by 1 person

      • I hardly ever use cream shadows as i’m more comfortable using powder but when I swatched it in the store, it was so pigmented and at $4 each i had to buy it 🙂


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