Birthday Wishlist

Hey guys!

I can’t believe it’s only a month until my birthday! I thought I’d better just turn October’s favourites into a birthday wishlist post and just plomp all of my lust items into one place. It’ll be a good reference for me to know where to spend some of my money and maybe even a good reference for presents from ma crew 😉 Just kidding haha. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy this post and let me know what you’d recommend too!!



1. Pokemon Moon

I purchase the new Pokemon game every year and if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll have noticed I’m quite the Pokemon fan. I’m super intrigued by this latest installment in the series and I’m really excited to have it be set on an archipelago! I’m likely to pick up Moon because I love this legendary more but I kinda wish that I got the perks of Sun with the Moon legendary haha. Hopefully I’ll have friends who get Sun and can breed me the Pokemon that I might miss in my game. I am also going to be picking Popplio as my starter~

2. Facial Epilator

I’ve always been really sensitive about my upper lip peach fuzz. Of all of the things that could have carried my Italian gene, my body hair is probably the only thing that is Italian about me. I have darker hair on my upper lip and a lot of hair on my arms and legs, although I’m not too worried about that. During the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge, one of the things I’ve always had to edit out of my photos is my peach fuzz because it made my lip look so disgusting in the photos. I’ve tried pretty much everything to get rid of it but there’s always side effects. Waxing leaves me with little pimples that don’t go away until the hair grows back and hair removal cream doesn’t actually remove it or it burns my upper lip. I’ve used an epilator in the past for my legs so I’m open to the idea of getting one that is meant for the face so that I can have a smooth, mostly hairless face haha. I’m not sure of the exact model that I want but I know Shaaanxo recommended the Braun Face 830 – Mini Facial Epilator and it’s a decent price online so I might look into that one.

3. Artline Stix Markers

Since starting my planning instagram, I have been seeing some beautiful calligraphy and typography using the Artline Stix Markers. They look beautiful AND they have a lego-like outside for grip and for connecting them together haha. I really want to try my hand at calligraphy and I think these would be a great way for me to get used to it! Provided I don’t pick these up when I go to print out my thesis, they’ll be a big item for me on my birthday wishlist haha.

4. Pandora Jewellery

I recently got a job at Pandora (yipee!) and part of the uniform is to wear a few items of their jewellery, which I do own some of but I will need to pick up a few more pieces. For our three year anniversary, Frankie bought me these two pieces of jewellery and I absolutely adore them.

I thought that adding the necklace would be a great addition to my jewellery collection. I also really love the Blooming Dahlia ring and the Vintage Allure studs. There’s a few more pieces I’d like to buy but they’d be items that I want to purchase myself so I think I’ll save those for a Pandora Wishlist post, if you think that might interest you guys!

5. Planner Stickers

Lastly, I thought I’d include some planner sticker sets that I’ve been lusting after. I recently purchased my new Erin Condren Life Planner for next year and I’m currently collecting sets that can go into that planner. I want to get the sets slowly so I don’t spend a tonne in one go next year. These two sets are from Planner Envy Go and they have some of my favourite sticker sets. So I’d definitely love a few more sets to get ready for next year’s super planning hahaha.


I hope that you all enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to let me know what you think I should add to my Birthday Wishlist!

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Au revoir xxx

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