September Favourites!

Hey guys!

Today I’m bringing you my September Favourites! September was a great month for me. I am finally seeing the end of my thesis and I’m starting to let myself see my friends again. I received a lot of new things this month and some of them became solid favourites in my collection! I hope that you enjoy this post!



1. MAC Star Trek Luna Luster

I picked this up late last month and I must say, this was probably my most exciting purchase of the month. Not only is it insanely visually appealing, it is a fantastic product and if it wasn’t limited edition, I’d probably be using it daily. You did good, MAC, you did good.

2. Revlon Holographic Top Coat

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect holographic nail polish and I started my hunt with the Revlon Holographic Top Coat and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty content for now! I loved wearing this polish this month and I’m excited to keep wearing it. I definitely think Holo is an all year round glam item that everyone needs, so when Revlon is on sale, definitely snap this little gem up!

3. Chloe Jane Candle Candle Co. – Revitalise

I was so eager to buy from this brand because I am actually acquainted with the owner and I knew that the candles she made were great quality, thanks to reviews from friends. I purchased Revitalise for myself, which is a mandarin, lime, coconut and amber blend, and Glamour for my friend Hannah for her birthday, which is moscato and strawberry! The scents are gorgeous and strong enough to fill a room when you burn them. They’re vegan and cruelty free and well priced. Definitely give this South Australian brand a go!

4. Genghis Khan – Miike Snow

I’ve been playing this song non-stop and it’s been annoying the heck out of my boyfriend but I can’t stop listening to it. I absolutely love it and I love the filmclip too. I listened to this more in the first half of September but I think this will be in my yearly favourites for music!

5. Me Before You

I finally watched this movie this month after begging my boyfriend to watch it with me. It has so many actors that I love in it and the story was so gorgeous. I was really fighting tears toward the end but I really loved it. It is such a sweet love story with the sweetest lead in the world. If you’ve not seen the movie or read the book, I’d highly recommend it.

6. Bad Education

My boyfriend and I watched this show on Netflix recently and it is such a funny little show. It is a British comedy about a pretty incompetent high school teacher and his class and the antics that they get up to. There’s romance, heartache, a lot of foolishness, and bit of grand theft auto. If you’re looking for a fun and easy show to watch, definitely give this one a go. It sadly only has 3 seasons and at the end of it, you’ll definitely be wishing there were more. Michelle Gomez is one of the actresses in the show and she’s actually a guest at SupaNova this year!

7. Shameless (U.S.)

I’d been recommended this show countless times by my friend Jamie and I think he’s thankful I’ve finally given it a go. I’m definitely thankful that I have. I’m sure that you’re all aware of this show but if you’re not, it’s a dramedy set in the projects in Chicago and it’s about 6 siblings trying to make their way through life while dealing with a drunk and irresponsible father. There are plenty of hilarious moments dotted through quite serious themes. Definitely give this one a go if you’ve got some spare time. I’m half way through the third season at the moment and I am absolutely addicted. There’s also a UK version of this show and I’m considering watching it once I’ve finished watching the US version.


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Au revoir xxx

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