Disappointing Products!

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With all of the money I spend trying new products, I’m bound to not love them all and feel a bit of buyers remorse. I’m quite careful for the most part but there are quite a few products that I buy that don’t quite live up to expectations so I thought I’d write a little post about it. If these products work for you, let me know what I might be doing wrong. None of these products are necessarily bad products, and if they work for you, please know that I mean no offence. I hope that you enjoy the post!



1. RCMA No Color Powder

This translucent powder had been so hyped online as being an alternative for the Laura Mercier powder and others that were similar. I’d had trouble in the past with loose translucent powders not actually being translucent (I’m looking at you, Face of Australia) and so I thought I’d give this ago, especially since people whose opinion I trusted were recommending it. Every time I’ve used this, I look white, dry and old. I also never feel like my face is truly set and I end up looking like a grease ball by midday. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. When I use too little, my face isn’t set. When I use more, my face is drier than the Sahara desert. I don’t understand the hype. I also HATE the packaging because the only way to use it is to tip the product out instead of putting it into a lid and using what’s in the lid. I just hate it and would 100% give this away if I wasn’t determined to make this work.

2. Sally Hansen Peel Off Base Coat

I’d been in the market for a peel off base coat since I started watching Simply Nailogical and so I thought I’d try this one because it was affordable. This product is rubbish haha. Its glue based, which means that it doesn’t stay on nicely and takes forever to dry. I find that when I use this under my polishes, it ends up peeling off the same night I applied it. I wanted this to be the way I bring myself to use glitter polish because it would just peel off when I didn’t want it but this is reminiscent of sticker nails that just peel off before you’re finished with them. Simply Nailogical had since made a video of the best peel off base coats so I’m definitely going to be looking into purchasing the UNT peel off base coat.

3. Revlon Lash Grip

I’d seen Emily Noel on YouTube recommend this product a number of times and I trust her opinion so when I purchased my big US order with Comgateway, I added this to my order, despite having boycotted Revlon. I will say that she didn’t lie about what it did. It does work. My false lashes do stay on really well and the corners don’t kick up at all. The reason that I don’t like this product is because the glue doesn’t like to leave my eyelid after I’ve peeled off my lashes. I end up finding clumps of eye lash glue stick in between my lashes even after I’ve washed my face and used eye makeup remover on my eyes. It is just too much effort for what it’s worth and my Ardell or DUO lash glue work fine so I think I’ll just stick to those brands.

4. Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Masochist

Now this was a really disappointing purchase for me. I want to say that while I don’t support Jeffree Star anymore, I do think that his liquid lipsticks are some of the better ones that I’ve tried but the formula is not the same from shade to shade and here lies my issue with Masochist. This shade, from the very beginning, was quite different to the others that I had. The others were thin and easy to apply but this product always felt like it was hardly filled. I use my liquid lipsticks as eyeliners sometimes and I could never get this one to work because it was always like the formula was dried out before I could even use it. On top of that, when I was able to get an even coat of it, it never fully dried and would be tacky and transfer really badly, compared to the other shades that I had. I couldn’t even give this product to my mum after I was done with it because it was literally unusable. For the price I paid, I’m really disappointed and sad that I had to toss it before I felt like I’d gotten adequate use out of it.

5. LUSH Superbalm

Now this product is one that I’m hoping I can get some tips with because I really wanted to love this and claim this as my scalp saviour. This year, I’ve been really battling with dandruff along my hairline. I don’t get it anywhere else but I’m certain that my hairline is just very dehydrated and no matter how much I cleanse and condition my hair, I can’t get it to be flake free. I’m avoiding anti-dandruff shampoo because my hair is dyed and until I’m willing to commit to going back to my natural blonde hair, I’m trying everything else I can to stay flake free. I warm the product up with my finger, like a lip balm, an apply it to my scalp and leave it for 30 minutes to soak in. Then I wash my hair like normal but I focus on the hairline to make sure that there isn’t any Superbalm left on my scalp. I watched a video on how to use it and I followed it to the T but it just doesn’t do anything for my scalp. I’ve even tried oil treatments on my scalp but nothing has helped. I really wanted this to work because I adore LUSH but this product was just a bust for me.


So there you go! Have you used any of these products? Loved them? Hated them? Let me know in the comments!

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