How I Did My Makeup in High School

Hey guys!

I’m sure that you’ve seen this post making the rounds on YouTube and blogging websites. I thought I’d give it a go because I really hated the way I did my makeup until Year 12 when I started watching makeup tutorials and gained some proper skills haha. I hope that you enjoy and get a little laugh out of how bad we all probably were at this time.



My go-to foundation in Year 8-10 was Covergirl Clean foundation. This stuff absolutely wreaks and I don’t know how anyone managed to use it. I could never find my proper shade and would just try and find the lightest one, which was always way too dark for me anyway. It really didn’t do my any favours because it didn’t cover much and my smearing it on with my fingers didn’t create the most flattering finish. But I need not worry for I have other products to pile on top and smooth this out (not really. It was a hot mess).

The next product would be the Rimmel Hide the Blemish Concealer, which certainly didn’t do as the name suggested. I applied this under my eyes, on my eyelids and on any spots I had. This tended to emphasise any spots I had because when I would try to blend it out, it would just blend away and cling to any dry patches. So I’d have to just pat it on top and not blend it out.


To set all of this lumpy mess I’d use a loose powder from Covergirl, which I’m sure is still around. I don’t use loose powders much because they make the face look so cakey and because I had no control over how much I packed on to my face, I’d definitely be looking quite cakey. At least I’d always by the translucent shade, so I wasn’t packing dark powder on my face.

I never wore any contour, highlight or bronzer. I knew that bronzers were going to make my already dark face look even more orange so I opted out (thank god). But because I never defined my face, it always looked quite moon-shaped. Highlight wasn’t really in at this stage so everyone had pretty matte faces for school.


One thing that I did have a lot of was eyeliner. I dabbled in a lot of different styles growing up. My cousin would give me makeovers every now and then and she would do these big wings on my eyes and apparently I loved them enough to try and recreate them for school. I soon learnt that you couldn’t really achieve a clean wing with a kohl liner unless you wanted to spend time cleaning up so I just lined my top lid and was done with it. It was always too thick and it didn’t taper in toward my tear duct so it just made my eyes look dark and sunken in. In my recreation, I didn’t have a black so I had to do it with my brown liner and I think if I had done it with brown, it would have looked heaps better than the black. It looked like a hot mess regardless but at least it would have been a more subtle, lukewarm mess. I always look back at some of these pictures and just cringe at the liner.

As soon as I switched to liquid liner, my liner days went from a 1/10 to a solid 7/10. Also can we just take a second to appreciate how pretty my mum looks in the photo on the right???

Lastly was the mascara. I didn’t do anything too out of the ordinary with mascara. I just added one coat but I never applied it to the bottom lashes. I even struggle today to apply shadow there because I’m scared of looking like a raccoon. But in those days nothing would touch my lower lash line because I wanted my eyes to look open but defined on top haha.

And that’s pretty much it! No brows, no contour, no bronzer, no highlight, sometimes blush. It took me 10 minutes to recreate this look so at least it was a quick look. I spent all of my morning trying to straighten my hair so I suppose I needed a quick makeup look.


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Au revoir xxx

One thought on “How I Did My Makeup in High School

  1. awwww you’re too kind. And I still use that powder.. hahaha…. and sometimes even that covergirl foundation when I’m not really wanting to wear makeup but need to go to the shops.. hahaha..
    I shudder to think how I was doing my make up in my teens!!!

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