Project Pan Update 3#

Hey guys!

Today I’ll be sharing my third project pan update! I made some progress and I’ve finished another item! I’ve added in an item and I’m still debating whether I’m getting rid of one item but either way, I’m really excited to share my progress. I’ll be showing my original pictures on the left, first update in the middle left, second update in the middle right, and the latest update pictures on the right! I hope that you enjoy!



I’ll begin by talking about the item that I finished.


I finished off the Chapstick Cake Batter lip balm. I honestly hated this lip balm and I’m so excited to finally trash it. It took about a month and a half to finish it and in the end I was really just wasting it by layering and layering it on my lips. Since finishing this, I’ve added another lip balm in it’s place to make up for last month’s cuts haha.

Now on to the progress products

I’m really coming to the end of this product and I’m so happy because I’ll be able to start on my Milani Eye Primer that I’ve had sitting around in my bathroom waiting to be used! Moving it into this clear container has made it easy for me to be able to really track my progress.

I’ve made a big dip in this product since the last post and I’m really excited to finally hit the bottom of it. I’ve been using it every day under almost every eye look that I do for the 100 Days of Makeup challenge.

I vowed that in my last update, if I hadn’t used this product from that post to this post, I would be removing it from the project because I really do dislike mine. I did end up using it yesterday because I thought it would be perfect for the look I did yesterday for 100 Days of Makeup and god damn it that means it’s still in the project pan. I do think that this formula, the original one that Australis brought out in a collection, isn’t the same as the one they have out now so how I feel about this shouldn’t deter you from trying out the ones they have available now haha. I doubt I’ll use it between now and next month but I’ll keep it in until the end because I only have one update left now until the finale post for this project pan so I may as well keep it in and then just throw it away when it’s all over.

I don’t know why I still take photos of this because you can’t actually see the progress but I do think I’m coming down to my last few uses of this, which is pretty exciting! It’s definitely too dark for me to wear out right now so it’s been my 100 Days of Makeup standard foundation for all of my regular full-faced looks.

This is my most depressing product that I’m featuring in this challenge because you can honestly see no improvement, really. I should have known from the start that it’d be ambitious of me to add a blush to my first project pan but I suppose I wouldn’t have known until I’d made the mistake. Now I know not to do it again. One day I’ll probably use this up but if not, it’s probably going to mum. So if you’re reading this Mum, get excited.

This is one of my favourite items because you can always see some good progress on it. You can see from the 2nd update to this update that it’s showing more pan than before. I don’t think I’ll finish this by 31st of October but I do think it’ll be significantly used to the point where I’d be happy to see it leave my collection.

It doesn’t really look like much progress has been made but I have been using this in a few looks. I mean I can’t really put red eyeshadow in everything, though I would like that haha. It was also probably a mistake having my 100 Days of Makeup challenge overlapping this project pan challenge but I probably wouldn’t be wearing any makeup if it wasn’t for the challenge because I spend most of my time makeup free at home doing my thesis. I’m still happy to keep working on it but I’m not holding my breath for it to be finished by the end date.

It doesn’t look like there’s been a whole lot of progress because I’ve been reaching for the other lipstick a bit more but I have been wearing this one so I expected a smidge more use shown. I still think that it’s doable for me to finish this by the end date so we shall see!

I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel like I can see some progress here! I really do love this lipstick and find it so easy to wear with any look. It’ll be sad when this one goes but I’m really happy to have had this one and enjoyed it while it was still in good shape. I do think that this one will be finished by the end date, judging by how I’ve progressed over the last three months!


This is my latest addition to the pan and I’ve added it because while I love my Shanghai Lil products, I don’t want them to go bad and with all of my other chemical filled balms, I felt like they’d last longer than these more natural balms and I wanted to get my money’s worth with these and finish one off. I’m not sure how quickly I’ll be able to finish it because I’ve only ever used balms in a stick form for these project posts so it’ll be a good test to see how long these pot balms last compared to the stick balms.

That’s all for this update! I can’t wait to see how much progress I make next month!


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Au revoir xxx

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