September Wishlist

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to talk about a few things that I’ve been really lusting after over the past few weeks. There’ve been a tonne of new releases from brands or holiday teases but I’m not really feeling anything I’ve seen just yet. However, there were a couple of products that have either launched recently or have been revealed that I really wanted to share with you all!



1. Unicorn Lashes Brushes

I die over how pretty some brushes on the market are and when I saw Unicorn Lashes were making these pastel unicorn brushes I had the biggest grabby hands moment. The price for the set was also pretty decent from memory, but I’ll wait for reviews before I think about spending my coin.

2. Sleek Goodnight Sweetheart palette

I had only seen the packaging of this palette until I watched a Beauty News episode recently that shared the inside of the three new palettes and also shared these swatches.

How gorgeous does it look! In the pan it looks pretty plain but these swatches make the palette look super pretty. I’m especially drawn to the teal/brown duochrome shade. Hopefully these won’t take tooooo long to get to Australia.

3. Dose of Colors EyesCream palette

I shared this palette on Instagram recently because I am just so in love with it. If Dose of Colors wasn’t so damn expensive to ship to Australia, I’d probably buy this in a heartbeat. I’m fairly certain that it’s limited edition, which is really sad because it’s so pretty and it’ll be soooo nice for spring and summer here now that the weather is warming up!

4. Lime Crime Livin’ On A Prarie Velvetine collection

This is the first time I’ve ever really spoken favorably about Lime Crime products. I’ve never actually thought badly about the products but rather the actual company, which I’ve spoken about in length in the past. Fairly recently, I started following Lime Crime on instagram for makeup inspiration while I am doing the 100 Days of Makeup challenge because they post the best makeup inspo posts. But now I’m seeing all of the gorgeous products that they’ve been releasing and I badly want to get my hands on this whole collection because I love every single colour! AHH moral dilemma haha.


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Au revoir xxx

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