Korean Beauty Haul!

Hey guys!

I feel like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve tried anything new in terms of Korean beauty and skin care so I thought I’d go back to my roots, hit up my favourite seller and grab a few things that I’ve been lusting after! I’ve had a play with all of the items too so this’ll be a mini review as well as a little look at what I picked up. I hope that you enjoy!



Let’s get started!

I adore the Sanrio characters, a quick look at my old photos on instagram will confirm that haha. When I saw that A’PIEU had collaborated with Rilakkuma, I had to get something form the range. They had eyeshadow quads, lots of lip tints and I believe they had cushion BB creams, which I’m yet to try but I’m not completely sold on them. I knew I wanted something so I thought I’d pick up this red lip tint. It is gorgeously pigmented, as you can see in the photo and when I wiped it away only a few seconds after taking the photo, I had quite the stain! It feels a bit sticky on the lips when first applied, which is fairly normal for stains and then it dries down a bit more and doesn’t feel like much at all. It does still look quite glossy even after a few hours of wear.

The next item on my hit list was the Gudetama collaboration with Holika Holika. I love this lazy egg and when I saw that there was a makeup collaboration, I didn’t think too hard about whether or not to purchase. Before I knew it, it was in my cart haha. I actually had read reviews for this product but somehow, despite its obvious BB Cushion appearance, I assumed that this was a powder product. I got a bit of a surprise when it arrived and it was a cream. I haven’t had much experience with cream blush because I have oily skin and it always sounded like a bit of a recipe for disaster but I’ve been playing with these and it’s been a really cool experience.

Both of the shades are really pigmented so you don’t need too much product to get a nice colour on the cheeks. They also blend quite nicely on the cheeks. I wore the pink shade in my full face of Korean makeup look for 100 Days of Makeup and I really enjoyed it! I worried about how it might look under my powder that I use and it looked pretty subtle but pretty. I don’t really love a very blushy look so it worked out really well for me. It wore nicely throughout the day and still showed some colour when I took it off at the end of the day.

Lastly, Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter. I didn’t really intend on picking this one up in this order and then I saw swatches of the product and thought I needed it, despite owning enough highlighters haha. This highlighter has a really strong sheen that looks quite wet on the face without having a great deal of pigment. It’s really pretty for a sheen over the high points of the face. I really adore this one and it’s been really nice on days where I’ve wanted a bit of a break from my everyday-babe Mary-Lou Manizer.

I really enjoy everything that I picked up from this purchase. I also got a few face cleansing samples. I love that about Rinishop, they always send samples of other products and I really love trying skin care. Not only would I recommend these products but I’d also recommend this shop that has served me very well for many years. My orders have always come in two weeks and packaged really well!


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Au revoir xxx

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