Review: MAC Star Trek Trip The Light Fantastic Powder in Luna Luster

Hey guys!

As you might have seen in my August Wishlist, I was really eager to purchase this product because it looked just like a beautiful little planet and when I saw it in Chrisspy’s Star Trek videos made with MAC really solidified my need or this product. Now that I’ve got it, I really wanted to share it with you guys and talk about how I feel about it now that I’ve tried it on my skin!



So this powder was one of three powders that MAC brought out for the 50th anniversary collection. The other two powders were more blush shades compared to Luna Luster and because I really wanted more of a highlighter product, I really was drawn to Luna Luster. The packaging is quite understated and I quite like that. They’ve had some collections recently that have been quite gaudy but this one is nice and sleek, like you’d imagine a Star Trek collection to be.

Here are some photos of the box art. I love keeping limited edition packaging and this is definitely worth keeping.

The collection specific logo is the Starfleet insignia with a little 50 inside of it. I love that the logo is repeated inside the box. It makes for quite an exciting unboxing experience haha.

When you open the compact, the rim of the packaging is a sleek chromed finish. I tried hard to not get my reflection in it while I took these photos haha. I really love how simple it looks but still feels quite special.

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? I think even if I was possessed to not use it, I’d still be quite happy to just have it on display for the gorgeous marbled design. This product was super hard to photograph because it’s not as pigmented as the highlighters that I think we’ve all come to know and love. The pigmentation reminds me of what I imagine the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder to look like. It gives quite a lit from within glow to the skin, which is quite refreshing in a sea of metallic, wet looking highlighters. I’ve been really enjoying highlighters like this since I purchased the Etude House Secret Bean Highlighter, which is quite similar. It definitely has more of an impact than that of the beauty powders seen in collections like MAC Cinderella.


It’s quite hard to photograph on the cheek but I think this photo didn’t do too bad a job. It’s quite a white highlight so it might not suit darker skin tones but as it is on the sheerer side, it might still work. I’m not too sure because I’m on the complete opposite end of the spectrum haha.

As I mentioned in the intro, watching Chrisspy’s tutorial really solidified my need for this powder. I’d obviously been lusting after it prior but on the actual day it was released online, I did a few “do I really need this?”, “It’s pretty but I have a lot of highlighters, more than I’ll probably ever get through” and then watched that and was like SHH BRAIN. ME WANT. I went full caveman. So I thought I’d share the video that pushed me over the edge to buy it haha.

I also tried to recreate it, sort of, with what I had. I was also leaving the house right after this so I didn’t want to do the white dots but know that if I was staying home, you’d best believe there’d be little white dots on my nose haha. Also the navy got quite washed out in the photo but in real life, it looked quite nice.


The powder is still available on the MAC Australia website, so if you are keen to purchase it, you’ve not missed out. I’d recommend this product to those who like more understated, natural makeup but still like to feel a little bit glam on a day to day basis. Trust me, if this product had rubbish pigmentation, you’d better believe I’d be telling you about it. I don’t buy high end products often and I spiral quickly into buyers remorse if I don’t like something I’ve purchased but I adore this.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and if you were on the fence about maybe wanting to purchase it, I hope I helped!

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Au revoir xxx

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