August Favourites

Hey guys!

I’ve been super busy this month and I’ve also had a lot of new products to try, which has been quite exciting! The weather got significantly warmer over the last few weeks and I’ve been pulling out more and more bright clothes and makeup looks! I’ve been going quite well with my 100 Days of Makeup looks and I’m still quite comfortable cranking out looks that I’m happy with! Anyway, on to the favourites!


August Favourites

1. Morphe 12P Picasso

I’ve been really enjoying the Morphe 12P Picasso palette! It’s been pretty essential in my 100 Days of Makeup challenge. I never thought that I’d buy a Morphe Palette because I didn’t want to feed into the hype but they’re pretty good! I don’t think I’d buy more Morphe palettes unless they’re these little ones but they’re pretty good and I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a brights palette!

2. BYS Shimmer Powder in White Gold

I have never bought anything from BYS before because it’s so cheap and I’m usually inclined to think that that can mean it’s not worth buying. That’s not to say cheap products aren’t worth it but BYS is one of those brands here that are usually snobbed off and I’ve never really seen much hype for any product. They make a lot of dupes for well known products but I’ve never been to interested in them. I stumbled upon this product in Gloss one day and was surprised by the quality and size so I had to buy it! I’m so glad I did because I’ve been able to create so many pretty looks with it. Next week’s 100 Days of Makeup post will have a look featuring this product so keep your eyes peeled!

3. Sally Hansen Tulle Kit

Another Gloss purchase in this month’s favourites! I haven’t seen this shade in Priceline so I assume it was a discontinued shade or one that wasn’t released in major retailers. I don’t know why it wouldn’t be because it’s STUNNING! It hasn’t got much of a base colour but it is filled with tiny iridescent blue glitters. It’s the perfect winter shade.

4. Sinful Colors You Just Want

It appears I have a thing for iridescent polishes. I’m trying to fill the hole that holographic polishes are yet to fill. This polish is like the warmer toned version of Let Me Go and I LOVE it. It has a pink and green shift. I wear both this shade and Let Me Go with a white base underneath so that the shift is more pronounced.

5. Schick Intuition Pure Nourishment

Now, I usually really hate shaving. It’s such a chore. I’ve always used those traditional razors and their always average and I never really get a smooth shave but I recently received the new version of Schick Intuition in Pure Nourishment and it’s really gorgeous. It lathers by itself and leaves my legs nice and smooth. For those of you who really hate shaving, I think this might be a good one to try because you get the results you want for the effort that you put in!

6. Stranger Things

I’m sure that this is everyone’s favourite show at the moment and I’m also sure a lot of people are sick of being recommended this show haha. I would have had this in last month’s favourites but I wanted to feature one show per month. If you love supernatural horror shows set in the 80s with sweet tunes and Winona Rider, you’re going to love this one. I also really want to try Eggos. Also #JusticeForBarb


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