Review: Essence Lights of Orient

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It’s been a little bit since I’ve featured products from an Essence trend edition but when the Lights of Orient collection came out, I wanted everything. The collection was exclusive to Target in Australia, which as I’ve mentioned in many posts, isn’t the best place to get your cosmetics because they don’t seem to understand how to keep things from being tampered with. When I saw it for the first time, everything had been destroyed and I had to resort to purchasing the collection online, which was it’s own struggle but in the end, I’ve managed to swatch and test everything from the collection and I can now give a proper review! I hope that you enjoy!


ESSENCE Lights of Orient

After an unsuccessful in store acquisition of this collection, I purchased what was advertised as the whole collection and when it arrived, it came two weeks late, some products looked used and three pieces were missing. I ended up with a full refund but I was sad because the item I wanted the most, the eyeshadow palette, was one of the pieces missing. I’m happy to have the collection essentially for free though. I’m really thankful the seller was so good about it but I’m not sure why it had to happen in the first place. Anyway, on to the items.

These three items were probably ones I could do without but I think they’ll be really fun to play with anyway. I haven’t used the stickers or body spray because I’m saving them for summer and the body spray has pretty gold glitter in it so it’ll make the skin look really gorgeous. I’m super excited for it. The brush is pretty cheap quality, but it is really cheap so I expected it. However it does really blend things easily on the cheek. I’ve been using it for contour because it gives a really soft contour but it still is quite noticeable. I love the designs on all of these products.

I received two retractable brow liners, one warmer and one cooler and these are really great. When I have warm toned wigs on, the warmer one is perfect and when I’m sporting my natural hair colour, the cooler one suits perfectly. They give the effect of more hairs on the brows and doesn’t create ‘Sharpie brows’. I’m actually quite sad that these are part of a limited edition collection because I don’t think their brow products are quite the same as these so when I run out of them, that’ll be it.

I received two of the three lipsticks in the collection, I was meant to have three of them. These and the blush/bronzers are what give away the Aladdin theme to the collection. The lipsticks are Belly Dancing Queen and The Sultan’s Daughter. I believe the other shade is Princess Jasmine’s Choice. They are nice matte lipsticks that glide nicely across the lips. They wear really nicely too. I’m really happy with the formula of these shades!

I was interested in picking up the highlighting stick because it looked like a really gorgeous champagne colour that would suit me. This one popped right out of the packaging when I opened it. I was so scared I ruined my white fluffy background material but it was all good haha. I smooshed the product as best as I could back in place.

I was also very childish when I looked at this highlighter and said ‘oh my god, this highlighter has a nipple on the top!’ Moving on… I don’t tend to use many cream products but I’m willing to try and use this. I loved the Essence So Glow! cream highlighter and this has a similar texture.

This was the blush in the collection and it’s just beautiful. I adore the intricate two toned design and I’m really not looking forward to ruining it from use haha. Both shades are really gorgeous on their own but I’m probably more likely to mix the two when I use it.

And here are the two bronzers. They don’t have a strong orange tone but they warm the face quite nicely. The colour is matte but they both have a shimmery gold center so if you wanted a matte look, it is achievable but the shimmery look would be easier to achieve. The gold centre is the same on both bronzers. The order of the swatches is bottom to top: light bronzer, deeper bronzer, blush.

I really adore the collection. I really wish I’d gotten the eyeshadow palette but that’s alright. I’m pretty happy with the rest of the items.


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4 thoughts on “Review: Essence Lights of Orient

    • I completely agree haha. If target would just better seal the products, they’d never run into this issue. They just need clear testers and no easy way to test products that are meant for sale. I don’t understand how they haven’t sorted it out yet haha


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