Project Pan Update 2#

Hey guys!

Today I’ll be sharing my second project pan update! I made a lot of progress and even finished a few items!! I’ve added an item and I ended up giving up on a few and I’ll talk about that as well but I’m really excited. I’ll be showing my original pictures on the left, first update in the middle and the latest update pictures on the right! I hope that you enjoy!



I’ll begin by talking about the items that I finished and the items that I removed from the project.


I finished off the L’Oreal Magic Touch Instant Blur primer, the Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primer, the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation, and the Maybelline Baby Lips in Menthol. I was so excited to finish the two primers but I am a bit sad about the Touch in Sol primer. It really controlled my oily skin and I didn’t realise until it ran out that it did such a great job. I’m definitely on the look out for a new primer so if you have any suggestions, let me know! I’m currently using a Face Of Australia one.
I really enjoyed the Covergirl foundation and it’s another item that I’m sad to say goodbye too because I definitely liked it more than I like the L’Oreal one in this project. I’m really glad I got to use it.
And finally, I finished the lip balm about a week after my last project pan update! I was so excited and I pretty much told everyone because I’d never finished a lip balm before and I’m sure I really annoyed some people because I know no one cared haha. I wanted to work on finishing another lip balm because it only took a bit over a month to finish this one, so I decided I’d add another to the project.

I decided to remove the Rimmel lipstick in Asia and the Clinique Blush in Smoldering Plum because they were honestly depressing me a little bit haha. I was seeing virtually no progress and I wasn’t enjoying them anymore. I think I’d have enjoyed the Rimmel lipstick more had I not already used it for a month straight attempting to finish my first lipstick. As for the blush, it was a really gorgeous colour but I just wasn’t motivated to use it. It wasn’t neutral enough to go with all of my looks and especially with 100 Days of Makeup, it’s been really hard to try and use these two everyday. Base products are definitely easier to complete while trying to complete this challenge haha.

Now on to the progress products

Seeing this look the exact same in the tube for two whole months was really infuriating so I had to depot it hahaha. I had just finished a sample from Oh Deer Sugar and cleaned it out to put the primer in. At least I can see the progress easily now. I don’t think it’ll be finished by next month but I do think it’ll be finished by the end of the project. Fingers crossed.

I’ve definitely made a dent in this now and seeing the most recent picture compared to the first is actually quite encouraging. Again, I don’t see myself finishing this one soon but I still really love this product. I really love how it wears and I love the colour. It makes my shadows really last and that’s hard to come by with my oily eyelids haha.

I’ve literally not used this this month at all hahahaha. I hate this product and it’s getting an oily film on top which is worrying me a bit. It is really gorgeous but I just hate how difficult it is to use. It’s one of those products that looks good for a photo but not all day. I can’t really see myself wearing this again BUT I’ll leave it in and if I don’t wear it between now and my next update, I’ll just remove it. It’s probably expired if it’s separating.

I’m not sure if you can see the shadow on the bottle where I’m up to but it is about the same as where the blue line on the label is. So I’ve made half a thumb’s width of progress hahaha. I’ve been using this for every look in my 100 Days of Makeup so I’m really using it up nicely. I can’t wait to finish it because I think it’s a bit pink for me/oxidising a bit as I wear it and it doesn’t end up matching my neck well.

So I’ve focused on this blush all month and I’m not seeing too much progress but I actually really love this blush so I’m not feeling too discouraged. I don’t think I’ll finish it before the end of the project but I won’t be getting rid of it at the end of the project because I really do enjoy it. I’ll just save it for another project if I do it again.

IS THAT SOME PROGRESS THAT I SEE THERE???? I actually was so ready to say ‘another month, another lack of progress’ BUT LOOK AT THAT. I’ve WIDENED MY LITTLE AFRICA PAN SHAPE. I’m so proud hahaha. I’ve been using this more on my face again but it’s so hard to not let it look muddy on my face. I definitely want to get the HD Blush version because I heard it’s a bit warmer and easier to blend. Maybe I’ll pick it up when I finish this one.

IT ALL LOOKS THE SAME ;((((((( I only used this a few times because it’s quite pigmented and a bit hard to use in the way I want to use it but I really love the shade. I’m glad I got it as a sample though because I think it’d be hard to use as a full sized product. It would be really nice as a pressed shadow.

There’s a wee bit of progress there and I’m pretty chuffed about it. I do want to wear this one more. I’ve been working on the next lipstick a bit more than this one but I really love this lipstick. My first MAC lipstick, and potentially my first lipstick finished.

I’m so excited to see progress on this one! I really love this lipstick as well and I’m glad I’m getting a good amount of use out of it. It’s super easy to wear and has featured in a few looks for my 100 Days of Makeup!

So this is the new lip balm that I’ve subbed in since the loss of my beloved Menthol. I love the scent of this one but I don’t think it does anything for my lips, which makes it hard to use but as you can see, in three weeks~ I’ve finished quite a bit of it. Hopefully I’ll have a little nub of a lip balm left by the next update!

That’s all for this update! I can’t wait to see how much progress I make next month!


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Au revoir xxx

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