Review: Oval Brushes

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be talking about something cheap and effective! What more could you ask for?! I’m sure you’ve seen this product all over the place and if you haven’t dipped your toe into the oval brush ocean just yet, I think you’re definitely going to enjoy this post!



If you’re unfamiliar with these oval brushes, you might not know that the traditional makeup brushes that most of us use on a daily basis are brushes designed to be used on other people. Just like traditional artists use brushes on a canvas, makeup artists use brushes on another person’s face (canvas). So the idea behind these brushes is that they are meant for personal use and easily fit into your hand and give you good control.

Most people know about the Artis brushes that run for quite a bit of money and if you have the money to spend on them, then definitely look into it because I hear they’re fantastic. But if you’re unsure whether you’d like them or not, you might want to check out these brushes that I found on eBay for cheap!

I got a set of four brushes; a foundation brush, concealer brush, liner brush and lip brush. The set cost me $10.55 AUD, which is an absolute steal. They didn’t take long to arrive at all and I’ve been playing with them for a little bit and a really like them! They’re soft and very dense so you don’t waste too much product when you use the brushes.

I don’t tend to use brushes to apply foundation because the brushes that I’ve tried have all made my foundation really streaky but these haven’t done this to me yet! They make the foundation look pretty dang flawless, even over my bumpy skin. The concealer brush is a little bit too big for my under eye area but I can definitely manage. As for the liner brush, the bristles create a bit of a thick line and I haven’t really tested this one out properly because I don’t have many cream pot eyeliners. It didn’t work well for my liquid lipstick liner art but I didn’t really expect it to. The lip brush is really nice and gives an even, smooth finish.

I really wanted to get some brushes like this because I’m looking into purchasing a high end foundation and beauty sponges eat up so much foundation. I needed something that wouldn’t waste product and I definitely think I’ve found a winner here. If you’re interested in picking these brushes up, you can get them from here!


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3 thoughts on “Review: Oval Brushes

  1. I’ve been looking to trying out some oval brushes myself. I’ve noticed a lot of the makeup artists I follow on Youtube have been using them and it has been making me curious. Thanks for posting about an affordable option.

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