Oh Deer Sugar’s 1st Birthday Party!

Hey guys!

On the 5th of August, Oh Deer Sugar hosted a first birthday event at their store in Regent Arcade. If you’ve followed me for the last year, you’ve probably heard about this brand before and know how much I’ve enjoyed using their products. I was really excited for a South Australian brand to have had so much success so it was important for me to come and celebrate with them and just have a great time in their store.



The party started at 5:30pm and when Frankie and I arrived, there was already about 30 people waiting outside. The store is quite small so I knew we were going to be in a bit of a sardine-like situation pretty quickly but I came prepared so I had no anxiety issues while I was in the store. All smiles.

I hadn’t been in the store for a while so the set up was a little bit different to what I remember but there were a lot of party decorations around and it really did feel like a party because all of their bath products are all food shaped.

There was some classic Australian (non-edible) birthday party snacks like fairy bread and chocolate freckles. And other gorgeous treats like cake pops and galaxy treats.

There were, of course, pizza and some yummy chips that were bubblegum scented. I was super tempted to buy these if they did in fact come with the toy deep fryer basket but with the amount of people there, I didn’t think I’d get a chance to ask. They were really neat though.

There was also a number of cakes, because what is a birthday party without cake?

And ice cream, of course.

Nothing gets me like some galaxy smoosh


They also had this little Sunrise Bath Bomb, named after the AAMI ad featuring Australia’s national OTP, Rhonda and Ketut.


I ended up walking away with this SUPER pretty floral bath bomb

They had a set of four for $42 and I was so tempted by it. Even Frankie asked why I didn’t buy the set but I know I don’t have baths enough to warrant a $42 bath purchase haha. And with a design like this, it’s going to be hard enough for me to use. I’ve still got a chai scented macaron from their store opening, a year ago, so you can tell it takes me some time to get through bath things.


I’m really happy that I attended the event. I don’t go to too many events but I was really happy to go to this one and celebrate with them. I’m so thankful that we’ve had a physical store for Oh Deer Sugar for a whole year. Hopefully we can see even bigger things for them over the next few years!


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Au revoir xxx

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