Top 5 Favourite Nail Polishes!

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to talk to you about my top five favourite nail polishes because I love wearing nail polish and I really want to recommend my most favourite ones to you guys! This list will be in order of most favourite to least favourite in my top 5, but obviously still love it if it’s in my top 5 haha. Also, if you have a favourite nail polish, leave it in the comments so I can check it out!


Top 5 Favourite Nail Polishes

1. Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Enamel in Pit Stop

I’ve spoken about this in length before, and I’m still absolutely adoring this polish. It was one of the first products from Barry M that I ever tried and definitely sold me on the brand in general. I never thought I’d ever love a grey nail polish so much but here we are! I was convinced that grey nail polish just made me look dead because I have such a fair complexion but this nail polish perfectly compliments it because it is quite a light grey with some purple undertones. I’d highly recommend this one. It lasts ages and as the name suggests, it dries quickly!

2. Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Polish in Barracuda

This nail polish was my first love. Turquoise is one of my most favourite colours and in spring and summer, I’m constantly rocking this colour. I love the name and I love the colour. Sally Hansen really knows nail polishes and they’re really affordable. This range is really great quality and I haven’t had any bad experiences with it so far. I’d highly recommend this for a perfect summer manicure!

3. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in Terra-Coppa

THIS SHADE. LOOK AT IT. I think you all know that I’d be crazy to not have a glittery polish in this mix and what’s great about it being from the Gel polish range is that when it’s time to remove the polish, it comes of in one peel, and we all love some good peel porn (who else watches Simply Nailogical?). This range has been a little hit or miss for me and I think the top coat is very gimmicky because I feel like the polish never dries when I apply the top coat with it but with my trusty Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Invisible is a great taco (top coat) for this polish. It’s actually a great top coat in general and it’d be on this list if I didn’t want to just share coloured polishes.

4. Sinful Colors Let Me Go

“Never let me go, never let me goooo”

I first saw this polish when the Kylie Jenner x Sinful Colors range came out and I originally thought it was part of that range but I didn’t see it in the display properly and there wasn’t any unopened bottles in sight so I had to leave the pretty little bottle in the store and weep at home for the next few weeks because I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was so confused because I didn’t know if it was part of their regular line or the Kylie line and I looked in so many stores to try and find it until one glorious shopping day with Caitlan and Zoe when I spotted it and basically ran to the counter. VROOM. Its a gorgeous multi-toned polish that shines purple, green, blue and silver. I wear it with a white base so that the polish stands out a bit better against the nail.

5. Barry M Nail Paint in Cappuccino

I received this polish in a little gift from Barry M and I was SUPER pumped. I always wear this nail polish when I know I’m going to wear Jeffree Star’s Scorpio lipstick because I feel like they’re basically sisters from other misters. The Barry M nail paints are a pretty good formula but I don’t think they last as well as the Quick Dry formula but they’re definitely better than the Gellys. Its a gorgeous shade for winter and I’ve worn it a few times this winter and have just loved my nails.

So there you go, that’s my favourite nail polishes! I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you love any of the nail polishes that I mentioned, you’re in the cool club and if you wanna try them, you’re also in the cool club. Let’s be honest, if you’re even reading my post, you’re in the cool club because I have a really kind blog family. I’d better end this post before I get too mushy. Don’t forget to leave your favourite nail polish in the comments!


I hope that you’re all having a brilliant day!

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