July Favourites!

Hey guys!

This month has just been a month hasn’t it haha. It has gotten unbearably cold here in Adelaide, we had AVCon, Pokemon Go took over the world and I started my 100 Days of Makeup challenge! I had a pretty good but stressful month but I also feel like you’ll be hearing me say that until November thanks to this thesis. Speaking of my thesis, I’ve finished more than half of it now and I still really love my topic. Before I get more sidetracked, let’s get on to the favourites!


July Favourites

1. LUSH Brazened Honey Mask

I picked this up as my free mask for giving back some old LUSH pots and my buddy and lushie Alice helped me pick this one out. I’d never tried it before and my skin has been changing so much and finding new things to become sensitive to that I just wanted something that would give me soft skin and maybe help heal my skin. This mask makes my skin feel softer than a baby’s butt. This mask may even bump off my Mask of Magnaminty as top favourite mask of all time. It smells nice and sweet, but more of a natural sweetness. This one isn’t vegan friendly, as the name suggests, but if you aren’t vegan, definitely give this a go!

2. Selfie Light

I bought this off of eBay after knowing I really needed some sort of new lighting situation that might make it possible to take photos at night and not look grainy and crap. This little light has actually been such a life saver for 100 Days of Makeup because I can now create at night and still have good lighting, if I, for some reason, am unable to create something and take photos of it during the day. Here’s the link if you’re wanting to pick one up for a reasonable price!

3. Swisse Echinacea Clear Skin Moisturiser

I believe I had this in my July Wishlist and well… I bought it. The texture reminds me of something I definitely wouldn’t want to smear all over my face but it does absorb quickly so it’s perfect to apply before makeup. I am really loving the matte finish but I haven’t noticed it having skin clearing effect on my skin. Stay tuned, I suppose!

4. NYX Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in Glam Nude

I got this and the next product on the same day and I’ve used both so many times that I’m worried I’ll end up needing back ups. I have lusted after this liquid liner for so long but because Target’s NYX stands are always horrendous, I can never find one that I know for certain isn’t unopened but I did one day manage to find one completely sealed!! I’m so glad to have it and you’ll definitely be seeing this in a few more 100 Days of Makeup looks!

5. Sleek Ultra Mattes V1

I always swatch this palette when I go to Target because I really wanted a palette with a yellow eyeshadow. I really wanted more playful colours for 100 Days of Makeup otherwise it probably would have been more like 100 Days of Beige. The colours are very pigmented and easy to work with and the yellow is especially excellent. I saw Sugarpill is releasing a pro palette with similar shades that’ll be fully interchangeable and if I hit pan on this palette, I’ll be picking that one up but so far, I’m adoring this palette. My only criticism is that there are two hot pinks that look the exact same on the eye and look barely different in the pans haha.

6. Making a Murderer

I’m late to the party on this, like usual, but my boyfriend and I only got Netflix recently and while this was at the top of my ‘to watch’ list, we had so many other great shows to watch, like OUTLANDER OMG message me if you watched the finale. Anyway, so Making a Murderer is an episodic documentary about Steven Avery, who went to jail for a crime that he didn’t commit and since his release, is now being framed for a murder that he may not have committed. This show is everything. It was so hyped and for good reason. Frankie read an article saying that the show left some bits out that made it look like he really did do it but watching the show and knowing that extra stuff, at this point, still makes me think he didn’t do it. But I pretty much change my mind every episode and it’s SO CRAZY. I think we’ve finished 7 episodes and there are 10 episodes in the series. There’s also a second season coming out soon so I’m really excited for it. It’s so messed up and Manitowoc seems like a really corrupt lil town haha. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. You  won’t regret it.

I don’t have a favourite song this month because I pretty much exclusively listen to the Todrick Hall Straight Outta Oz album now, of which I am still not tired. He has now released almost every song individually on his YouTube so you can listen to it free there if you don’t want to buy it!


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Au revoir xxx

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