Konmari Declutter: Clothes Part 1

On Monday, I decided that I wanted to go thrifting at a recycle clothing store and thrift shop the next day and I made the very silly decision late Monday night that I was going to donate clothing because I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed by all of my clothing. I also often feel like I’m left wearing the same few items everywhere and yet I have a million clothes that get no wear so I wanted to use the Konmari method of decluttering to get rid of some of my clothes. In this post, I’ll be sharing both shirts, skirts and shorts (skorts?) that I’m donating and clothes that will go to Carousell for potential sales because I know some of my clothes may be worth selling and others are just not worth the effort. So, without further ado, lets get to decluttering!




The bags in the back are the items that I’m already donating. I wish I’d taken photos but you’re honestly lucky that you’re getting any sort of okay quality photos today because my phone camera was playing up so much with the focus. Let’s just say I had to do some swooping shots and my waist is lookin’ snatched now. I did buy a new phone yesterday so these crappy photos will only last for this post. Ya welcome.

I’m starting with shirts because I already know what I want to keep and what I want to remove. I have a plethora of tshirts and yet I’m not wearing them. I know it’s winter now and we’re all opting for jumpers over shirts but even in summer, some of these shirts get no use. I’m fairly sure that I have more shirts than this somewhere/being washed, but if they’re in the wash, it means I’m wearing them so I don’t think it’s necessary to include them.

image2 (1)

Here are my Teefury shirts. Teefury make daily pop culture tshirt and also have a number of them in an gallery that you can purchase for a bit more money. I stopped purchasing from Teefury around a year ago because they take forever to arrive (even within the US) and the last few orders that I’d made were terrible quality and even when I asked them, they told me they were trying a new printer but gave me no compensation for rubbish shirts. The daily shirts seemed to be in okay condition but the gallery prints were not only grainy but they had a vinegar-like smell and one of them is still sticky to this day. It just so happens that despite these things, I can’t seem to let go of those gallery shirts so they’ll be sticking around this time. I do have some pretty sweet designs. I love the fandom crossovers that they do, like my Star Wars and The Little Mermaid cross over and my Princess Peach and Sailor Moon shirt. The Star Wars x Little Mermaid one’s seem is actually coming loose after one or two wears, resulting in a revealing hole in the side so I have to wear it with a singlet but that kinda just shows you the quality that you’ll receive from Teefury.


Out of all the shirts, I could only bring myself to part with the Bob’s Burgers shirt because I wear it tucked into my skirts (to hide my pudge) and half of the design is lost when I wear it with a skirt. I’ll be adding this to my Carousell page over the next few days.

image12 (1).JPG

I was sure that I had more Star Wars shirts than this but I guess not. I was so sad that there weren’t Star Wars shirts being sold in women’s sections of department stores and about a week after my silent complaint, a few women’s Star Wars designs appeared. I’m a big fan of Star Wars and I love each of the shirts that I own. The two singlets are really soft and comfy, the men’s shirt has my BAE, Lando, on it and the crop is great in summer. Year ’round Star Wars appreciation. So I’ll be keeping all of them.


This category is basically anything that isn’t Teefury or Star Wars printed shirts. If I recall correctly, I didn’t remove any of these shirts because I love them all. The cat head shirt was a thrift find. I thought it was pretty interesting and I really love the shirt. The only one that I was really tossing up was the pink, navy and white striped Cotton On shirt because it’s cropped and a funny design but with some shorts I’m going to show later, it does look pretty good and I do honestly like the shirt. It’ll 100% look good in summer.


Here are all of my ‘dress shirts’ minus one classic white shirt with peter pan collar because it was in the wash and I wear it all the time. I love all of these shirts but I did decide to get rid of half of them because one of them likes to pop open and peekaboo my boobs (or lack there of) and the other two are satin and the elastic on the arms always digs into my arms, even though the poofy sleeves look so cute (fashion is pain).

These are the shirts that I’m decluttering. I adore the look of all of them but they’re no fun to wear because I am either uncomfortable or always having to monitor whether I’m revealing too much. All of these will be going on my Carousell later this week.

Two items from my Taobao days are being decluttered. I love both of them aesthetically but both of them don’t fit me nicely. The burger jumper is without a doubt the best jumper that I’ve ever owned but it’s a weird neoprene-y type fabric and the collar is too high for me to wear a shirt underneath it. It also provides very little warmth for the thickness. The bambi skirt just doesn’t fit the Minaj-esque booty that I have going on and would look a lot better on someone with a smaller frame. It’s such a cute skirt though and both of these items really break my heart that I have to part with them but I don’t wear them. Both will be up on my Carousell.


Speaking of skirts, here is my surprisingly small collection of casual skirts. I do have a few others but they’re either more dressy or they’re Lolita skirts, which I’m going to do a whole new post for at a later date. The two black ones are essentially the same skirt but one is long. I used it for a cosplay last year and have since never worn it. I liked it because it had more of a business feel but I’ve never worn it. I put this in the bag to donate to the recycle store.


Here are all of my shorts. All of these fit me well, except the pair on the top right, which are more like booty shorts. I remember wearing them when I was giving a presentation at uni and I had never been more uncomfortable in my life. I was pulling them up because I didn’t want to expose the top of my butt and I was pulling them down so that you couldn’t see my butt cheeks. It was a horror show, so they’ve been donated. They were my size, it was just the cut of the shorts that was unflattering.

So on the chair is my pile that I’m keeping and on the table is everything that I’m donating or selling. I did get rid of more than I was expecting. I would have never pulled out that shorts section because I thought it was fine but I’m glad I did so I could get rid of that stupid pair that I bought. Pants and I just sometimes aren’t friends. I will be doing another declutter of clothes soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you like declutter posts!


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Au revoir xxx

3 thoughts on “Konmari Declutter: Clothes Part 1

  1. Love a good clean-out, so satisfying! I know what you mean by enjoying pop culture cross-over tees. I have one that doesn’t fit anymore but I cling to it because it shows the De Lorean from Back to the Future crashing into the TARDIS. #nerdlife

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