My AVCon Cosplay 2016: Boa Hancock

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you my final costume that I wore to Adelaide’s Anime and Video Games Convention! As you may remember from my second NYX FACE Awards challenge, I was going to be cosplaying Boa Hancock from One Piece. This was my second year cosplaying an anime character and my seventh year in a row attending the convention. No matter what, I always attend AVCon because it has made such a positive impact on my life and pushes me to create costumes that I would otherwise have no need to create and therefore never experience the joys of people falling in love with you because you’re cosplaying a character that they love. Anyway, on to my look!



As I’ve mentioned before, I love Boa Hancock so much because she’s so strong and feared but then when she’s around Luffy, the only man who’s shown no interest in her, she’s putty in his hands. I also liked this character to cosplay because she pretty much owns resting bitch face, which I tend to have when I am just walking around normally. So instead of someone thinking that I’m a bitch, they might just think I’m in character. Either way that didn’t totally work in my favour with many people taking a minute to realise who I was (both character and myself).

Here’s a close up of the makeup that I chose for the day.


I more or less stuck to what I had created for my NYX Anime Challenge look but I chose to opt out of wearing more animated eyelashes because I wanted them to stay put all day and I liked how a more natural lash looked even with larger contacts.

Here is a full body shot of my costume that was taken by a photographer on the day!


I’m always very appreciative of photographers when they ask for photos because it really does benefit the cosplayer because they now have high quality photos of their hard work. In this photo, my friend Patrick is cosplaying Sabo as Lucy (he previously cosplayed Luffy as Lucy) and he did a really fantastic job on his cosplay. All day people were calling him Luffy and on the day, we both just thought that maybe people hadn’t associated the Lucy costume with Sabo but I think that maybe because I was with him, that might have been why people assumed it was Luffy, seeing as Boa Hancock is in love with Luffy. I don’t know how much Boa is seen in the arc that Patrick’s cosplay is from so I wouldn’t know if it was possible for them to both even appear together then but that might be another reason they mistook him haha.

The base of my costume was made by my Nonna. She pretty much took over when I brought over the material and patterns and I hand sewed on all of the fur and Kuja Pirate symbols. The parts of the costume that I did took me about 20+ hours but would have been much easier had I had a sewing machine at my disposal. The only thing that I regret not adding to the cosplay is her signature snake earrings and her pet snake, Salome, because it would have made her more recognizable. But a good few people knew who I was and I was even in an AVCon video, which is yet to be released. I’m really excited to see it and once it’s released, I’ll share it in a favourites post so that you can see!

I had a pretty good day at the convention this year. There wasn’t a whole lot on on the Saturday, which was pretty disappointing but it also gave me more of an excuse to really look down Artist Alley as long as I wanted and bought some really awesome things from local artists.


I also got a sweet Boa Hancock figure that I’d been lusting over for a few months. I was really happy with everything that I bought and had a really great day at the con. I already have some ideas for next year and Frankie (my boyfriend) even said that he may cosplay! If you’re in Adelaide and love anime, video games and pop culture, I’d definitely recommend checking out AVCon!


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Au revoir xxx

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