Create Your Own Eyeshadow Palette TAG!

Hey guys!

Recently, Kitsch Snitch created a tag video where she created her perfect palette out of the shadows that she owned and I thought that it sounded like the funnest challenge. I have so many nice eyeshadows and so I thought I’d try to make my own! This palette is definitely something I’d reach for daily and is also cruelty-free! I hope that you enjoy!



I wasn’t sure how to really approach this tag because I have so many single shadows that I just adore but how does one create a cohesive palette? I wanted to have a mix of warm and cool neutrals, matte and shimmer, and a few pops of colour. Kat picked 12 gorgeous shades all of great quality. I don’t have a plentiful amount of high quality shadows, my collection is more budget friendly. Nevertheless, I’ve created a palette featuring some of my most favourite shadows that I know I’d love!

 Highlight Shades:

For my two highlight shades, I wanted to pick one neutral and one pop shade. I use a shimmery white inner corner highlight most days but I also like to add a pop of colour to my inner corner so for that I picked Inglot eyeshadows 453 (shimmery white) and 28 (duochrome periwinkle/lilac). I originally had Makeup Geek Day Dreamer as the pop highlight shade because I’ve rocked this in my inner corner a few times before and really enjoyed it but when I swatched it, it definitely didn’t have that highlight quality that I was after and Inglot 28 is one of my most favourite eyeshadows of all time so it was hard for me to not pick it.

Base Shade:

I really enjoy a shade that I can set my eye primer with and for that, I love using Inglot’s 355. It is a really pale beige shade and it is perfect for both setting my eyelid and brightening it, making any eyeshadow I place on top, that bit more vibrant.

Lid Shades:

I had a few in mind for this because but I was able to narrow it down to two that I really can’t live without. For my shimmery lid shades, I picked Too Faced Marzipan, from the Chocolate Bar Palette, and Inglot 154. Marzipan won against Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma and Inglot 31, both similar warmer shimmer shades. Shimma Shimma is a fantastic shadow but I use it more as an inner corner highlight or a face highlight so I thought I’d leave it out of this one and the Inglot shadow is a less shimmery and more pink version of Marzipan so I just chose the shadow with better quality pigmentation.  Inglot 154 is just the most perfect taupe-y metallic shade and I use it all the time. I always feel so glam when I wear it and it is definitely a shade that I’d recommend highly.

Transition Shade:

Without a doubt, Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie is my most used transition shade. I came really late to the party on this shade but I have it now and my life is better for it. It is quite pigmented but blends really smoothly and just makes every other shadow look like it has more depth and a better blend.

Crease Shades:

For my crease shades, I wanted to have a warm, medium brown, a deeper brown and a burgundy because I really love all of those kinds of shades and with what I already had in the palette, I thought that they’d suit my other shades the best. For my warm, medium brown, I chose Too Faced Salted Caramel from the Chocolate Bar Palette. This is a nice buttery shade that looks really nice buffed lightly in the crease for a neutral look or built up for a more dramatic look paired with the next shade. I just had to include it. For the deeper brown shade, I chose Makeup Geek Mocha. Mocha is a shade I could easily use every day. It is really pigmented and easy to blend. I’d definitely recommend this shade and the next shade for your next Makeup Geek order. For the burgundy shade, I looked no further than Makeup Geek Bitten. When I first bought this shade, I didn’t think I’d use it much because I hadn’t used warm shades in my crease very often prior to purchase. Since I bought it, it manages to find its way into a lot of my looks and I just adore using it.

Pop of Glam:

I’d originally planned to leave this as another pop of colour shade but since I used this shade on my eyes last week, I had to include it because it is by far, one of the most stunning shadows I’ve ever had the pleasure of swatching. Because I have grey eyes, I didn’t think silver would suit them but I’ll happily admit that I was wrong because Inglot 151 looks perfect with them. I’m a bit surprised that I didn’t pick a gold shade for this but I really couldn’t go past this shadow, I love it too much! It is so smooth and metallic, it is worth a trip to Inglot just to swatch it.

Pops of Colour:

These last two shades are both pigments and in my palette, I’d have them both pressed for ease of use and for travel. The first is a gorgeous shade from Shiro Cosmetics from their Game of Thrones collection called Mother of Dragons. It is a deep shimmery purple with a warm brown base. It is perfect for a one shadow eye look because it has so much dimension. I haven’t worn this shadow in a while but I adore it and if it was pressed, I think I’d probably use it nearly every day. The last shade is Inglot’s Pigment in 85, which is a brown/green duochrome. It is so wearable and so pretty. Even before I planned this post, I knew I’d have this shade in the palette because it is by far my most favourite makeup product. It reminds me of NARS Dual Intensity shadow in Pasiphae, which is another shadow that I really want. I highly rate the Inglot pigments and I’ll definitely be getting more soon!

Well that about wraps up my perfect palette! What shades would you have in your perfect palette? If you make your own post, please tag me so I can see it and marvel at the beauty of your palette. I love seeing the shadows that people value the most!


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