Project Pan Update 1#

Hey guys!

Today I’ll be sharing my first project pan update! I made a lot of progress on a few items but for the most part, it looks like nothing really changed, which is a bit discouraging but I didn’t expect to see a lot of change after the first month. I’ll be showing my original pictures on the left and the update pictures on the right! I hope that you enjoy!


• •

I didn’t edit the new photos because these products aren’t meant to look great by this point haha. I have just over half of the product left since I started the project pan and I am think that I might finish this by next month’s update, which is pretty exciting! I really do love this primer but it isn’t cruelty-free so I won’t be buying it again. I’d definitely recommend it to those who don’t purchase strictly cruelty-free.

Another product that I think I’ve used half of since starting the project pan. I had predicted that it’d be finished by this update because of how little I thought I had left but I guess I was wrong because it’s still kicking! Again, hopefully this will be finished by next month because I’m really keen to say goodbye to it!

I literally use this every single day and it still isn’t gone! It’s so frustrating!! I think it is really close to being finished though, but I don’t want to say it’ll be finished by the next update because chances are that it will still be here, mocking me.

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on this one. There’s a significant dip in the product and again, I use it every day. I am predicting this to be one of the things that last until the end of the project pan just because it is quite a bit of product and I only need to use a little bit to cover my mobile lid.

I literally used this one time since the initial project pan post so I didn’t expect to see any progress here. I have noticed though that there is a weird wet film over the top of the shadow which kinda seems like the product might be separating in the pot? I doubt this will be used up by the end of the challenge but I know I’ll be getting rid of it regardless.

You really can’t see any difference from the bottle but I have used this quite a few times this month and I am seeing some progress. I believe that it is down to the top of the sticker. I don’t really think I’ll finish this before the end if I don’t finish my next foundation soon.

This was one of the products that saw a HUGE improvement in. I love this foundation but it is yet another product that isn’t cruelty free and I need to move on from it. I have about 1/3 left and I had about 2/3 at the start of this project pan so it might be gone by the next update! One can only hope at this point.

This looks like I haven’t even touched it but I use it every day. I don’t know how I’ll ever finish this by the end, especially when I’ve got another blush to try to get through. I’m hoping to at least finish one of these blushes by the end of the project pan so I might have to be a little heavier on my blush application if I want to see some real improvement.

I used this about once since the original post because I was focusing on my Clinique blush. This blush is more pigmented so I use less of it to get my ideal blushed cheeks, which means that it’ll take me longer to finish it. I may decide to try to use it as an eyeshadow and see how I go with it because this was another product that I said I’d just ditch at the end even if I hadn’t finished it.

I only got to use this a few times and I’m now thinking that I’ll use this as an eyeshadow to try to use it up. I don’t contour that much anymore because it is too harsh for everyday, for me. I haven’t seen much progress in this either but this is another product that I’m itching to get rid of so I don’t really mind if by the end, I haven’t finished it but I really would like to give it my best shot.

I have used this one a bit and I am seeing some improvement. Since it is only a sample size, I think that I will manage to finish this product. I really like it and I’m glad that I added it to my project pan so that I could actually get some use out of it.

I have worn this quite a few times and I think you can see some progress here. I haven’t worn this as much as the other two lip products and that’s probably due to me having worn this for almost a month straight prior to the project pan. I’m not really motivated to wear this one at all and if by the next month I still haven’t worn it, I will be getting rid of it.

I did make some progress on this lipstick but probably not enough to really be able to tell from this photo. I immediately regretted not measuring how much lipstick I had left so I could actually see the progress I’d made but because I didn’t start with measuring, I won’t start now but that’s definitely something I’ll remember for future projects.

I’ve made quite a bit of progress on this lipstick because I’ve more or less been wearing it every day. It is really easy to wear because it is sheer and it can be worn with dramatic looks and more neutral looks. If I was to repurchase anything from this list, it might have been this or the previous lipstick. They’re both really beautiful but they’re also both really old so hopefully I can get this one down a bit more.

Now for my greatest achievement! I couldn’t believe how much I’d used when I wound the product up! I’ve really been applying this at every chance that I get so it totally makes sense but I can definitely see myself finishing this by my next update. I can’t believe I’ll have finally finished a lip balm. It’s so crazy haha.

And that’s it! I can’t wait to see how much progress I make in the next update!


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Au revoir xxx

4 thoughts on “Project Pan Update 1#

  1. Hi, can I check, you stated that touch in sol is not cruelty-free, do you have a website that state so. I was searching for the information high and low and everywhere it stated as cruelty-free. If you have a website that state otherwise, could you kindly share. Thank you.


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