July Wishlist

Hey guys!

So many things are being released and new lines are being brought to Australia so my wishlist is getting a little bit ridiculous haha. Here’s this month’s collection of products on my wishlist. I hope that you enjoy! If you have any opinions on any of these products, be sure to leave a comment!



1. NYX Angel Veil Primer

NYX is coming to Priceline, which is super duper exciting! It is already available in Target’s around Australia but the beauty section is notorious for looking really disgusting and not being well stocked so I’m always hesitant to purchase something there. In the new line, I think that the Angel Veil primer might be coming and if it is, I’m definitely getting my hands on it! A great cruelty-free primer at a decent price!

2. NYX HD Concealer

This is another product that I think might be coming with the new line. I really want a good concealer from a cruelty-free brand. I have one from ELF that is not too bad but it could be better and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the HD Concealer!

3. TheBalm Balm Beach Blush

I adore the blushes that the Balm makes and this one should be no different. It’s a gorgeous neutral colour that I definitely think will get a lot of use. It would go with so many different looks so I am certain that I need it in my life haha.

4. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Nothing is more exciting to me than a foundation that is going to stay in place and not make my face look oily. If the setting spray is anything to go by, this product is going to be incredible and I definitely need it!

5. LUSH Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb

I saw a review of this product from Call Me Elle (now deactivated 😦 ) and this product sounded RIGHT up my alley. I don’t tend to purchase any bath products anymore because I don’t find myself having the time to just chill out in the bath anymore. But I’d chill out in the bath for this product, that’s for sure. The scent is supposed to be really earthy and I’m really drawn to anything earthy. I’m really in my element haha. I’m not even sure if you can purchase this in Australia yet but I’m sure that if I can’t yet, it’ll be available soon!

6. Pixi Glow Tonic

I heard about this product a few months ago and boy do I want to try this product. I’ve really fallen in love with Pixi and I really want to give this a go. The only thing that’s stopping me is that we can’t get Pixi very easily where I live. It used to be sold at Myer but I haven’t seen it in years and the only way for me to get it is online. I’ll get it eventually, I’m sure.


That’s pretty much everything I’ve really been wanting this month! If you’ve got any reviews on any products that I mentioned, please leave links to your posts in the comments so that I can read them!

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Au revoir xxx

3 thoughts on “July Wishlist

  1. I’m with you om the NYX lauching in Priceline! Target never seems to have the products I want in stock, so I cannot wait to be able to order from Priceline — I plan to go crazy the second it’s released haha!


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