Haul: Priceline Big Brands Sale – 50% off!

Hey guys!

Today I’m sharing the things that I bought in the Priceline Big Brands Sale! This sale was on the 6-7th of July, so if you missed out, make sure that you’re following Priceline on their social media to find out when they’re having another sale! There was 50% off of a few skincare brands, hair care, vitamins and one makeup brand. It was honestly a little bit of a random sale, especially since we had the Pink Dot Sale only a few weeks ago but I’m always up for a sale! A lot of these are repurchases, just making the most of the sale but some are new to me and I’m really excited to try them out!



You all know I adore the Swisse Skincare line and they came out with some new additions about a month ago. I was going to pick up the Echinacea Clear Skin Moisturiser back when Priceline had the Pink Dot Sale but I had more or less just bought a new daily moisturiser and didn’t want to overcrowd my skincare basket and just skipped it but I’ve had a bit of FOMO since then and when Priceline announced the sale, I knew I had to go and pick it up. I wanted it because it is supposed to have a matte finish, so I don’t look greasy throughout the day but I keep my skin hydrated. I’m really excited to use this one and I might end up giving it a review later on when I’ve got an opinion on it!

The Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser and Micellar Water are both repurchases for me. I really adore the cleanser and I think it is really fantastic. It’s got a really nice smell and I really think it does a great job at cleaning my skin without it feeling stripped. I purchased the little bottle of Micellar water because in all honesty, I don’t use micellar water very often. I have eye and lip makeup removers and I remove makeup with an oil cleanser in the shower so I don’t often need it but it is really handy in the morning if I’m in a bit of a pinch or I’m feeling a bit lazy. I’d recommend both of these.

Australis, I believe, was the only makeup brand on sale and I was super excited about it. I purchased a back up of my most favourite powder, Fresh & Flawless, and a few newer items. The BFFs Blush was from the discount bin near the front of the store and actually wasn’t on sale but it was only two dollars so I thought I’d give it a go. I love the really neutral blush colour in the duo and the corally colour reminds me a lot of the famous NARS Orgasm so I was quite intrigued haha. If I end up hating it, it was only $2 so it’s not a huge loss. And finally, I picked up the Velourlips in Full Moon-Stone from the AC Gems collection. I really only plan on using this for eyeliner and makeup art looks because I have a white liner but it’s absolutely rubbish and comes off in flecks right after it’s dried so I thought I’d have a go with this one. Seeing as I have a makeup project coming up, I thought it might be a good time to purchase it. I really wish the grey toned shade from this collection was there because I would have picked that up too and completed my collection. I had no intention of purchasing every lip from this collection but here we are hahaha.

So that’s everything that I picked up. More or less just essential items. There really wasn’t all that much to choose from but I’m really pleased with what I got! If you purchased anything in the sale (even if it was a packet of the trusty Carefree pantyliners), be sure to share it with me in the comments!


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3 thoughts on “Haul: Priceline Big Brands Sale – 50% off!

  1. Ah I made use of the sale as well! I’m excited for my order to arrive haha. I was very intrigued by your review on Australis’s Velourlips because I have a three different colours and agree completely. I looove the colours, but the quality isn’t as great as I would’ve thought it’d be — definitely not long lasting, that’s for sure! Though, I do find some better than others.


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