How to Make a Z-Palette for under $10!

Hey guys!

Have you ever thought that z-palettes are a little pricey? Or noticed that they’re hardly ever in stock? Well I have a cheap little solution for all of your lone pan problems! I needed a new palette because I wanted to take my Inglot eyeshadows out of their terrible and chunky palettes that Inglot sells and put them in a more lightweight palette so I could get more use out of the shades that I’d bought. This was totally inspired by Jamballdonut’s video, which really helped me out and if you want to see a master at work, check out her easy to follow video!


How To Make.jpg

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • $3 Note-pad tins (Kmart)
  • $6 Magnetic tape (Kmart)
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbook decorating tape (optional)

I collected all of my bits and pieces from Kmart but I know that other stores have the magnetic tape and probably for a little bit cheaper but Kmart was the only store that actually had it in stock. I already had scissors and the decorating tape at home so I saved a bit of money there but this glitter tape came in a four pack from Target for $5, which is good if you think you’ll use it again. Kmart also have an assortment of decorating tape so if you want to get it all in one place, Kmart really has you covered!


Firstly, you’ll want to remove the notepads from the tin. They’re all attached to a bit of card at the back so it’s really easy to pop them out of the tin. Once they’re removed, you can start attaching the tape to your tin base. I cut the pieces to fit horizontally in the pan but you could do it either way. Whichever suits you.


It should looks something like this but maybe a bit neater because you know how I semi am bad at everything and am equally as ratchet with all of my DIYs hahaha. You don’t want the magnetic tape to overlap because it’ll just make your base bumpy.


Magnetic pans, like the Inglot pans, should easily stick to your new palette but in the case that they don’t, you can cut a little piece of the magnetic tape and attach it to the bottom of your metal pan. Then fill your palette with any single eyshadows, blushes, etc. that you might have lying around that need a new and cute home!


I was actually shocked when I emptied my Inglot palettes and found all of these gorgeous neutral shades that made a really gorgeous palette. The only thing that it’s missing is a mid-toned matte brown that could replace one of the gold shades but I’m pretty happy with it. I was so inspired when I made it! And all I needed to do was create a good palette for them to live in!


Now, you could stop here and have your new palette just look all cute and silver but I really wanted to decorate it and make it look a bit more exciting. And seeing as my blogging name is pastelsparkles, I thought it might be fitting to pull out the glitter tape!


I cut my glitter tape to fit to my palette and it was super easy but AGAIN you can see evidence of my ratchet and ungifted crafting skills on that blue palette haha. You could really do anything here. Get as creative as you feel. You could do a chic lace pattern or a cute kawaii washi tape design.

The only (sort of) downside to this is that I now have 900 sticky notes that have no homes to live in but I’m sure I’ll sort that out. That’s a future Sarah issue hahaha.

I hope that you enjoyed this little tutorial! It’s super easy and the items are all really accessible so if you love the look of these palettes, there’s really no need to fork out $25+ on a z-palette! I’ll admit, I feel like a bit of chump buying a z-palette when this was so cheap and easy!


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Au revoir xxx

16 thoughts on “How to Make a Z-Palette for under $10!

  1. Such a good idea! I always have a basket of like 3-4 eyeshadows + a z palette and then I never take the plunge because the z palette just drives the price right up hahah
    Ps. thanks for reading my last post! Have followed your blog x 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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