June Favourites!

Hey guys!

We’re half way through the year! How crazy! This month was a total blur with all of my assignments being due, like many, and it was just a race to get stuff done rather than live a full life outside of study. I was quite a hermit this month but I did manage to fall in love with a few things and I want to talk about them! Enjoy!


June Favourites

1. Stem Organics Fresh Start Serum

I’ve been using this since we received it at the Bloggers United Event and I’m almost out of it and I’m so sad! I definitely need to purchase another one because I think this is the main reason that my skin is looking healthier. I’d definitely recommend picking this up.

2. Inglot AMC Eyeshadow in 28

I’ve had this shadow for years and I hardly use it because I hate the Inglot palettes. They’re so bulky and I really should just put them all into a z-palette. This shadow is literal fairy goodness. It’s a light blue with a medium blue shift. It’s stunning. You really have to see it in person to understand. I smashed it recently in a tragic makeup sorting accident haha. I just repressed it recently and it’s looking a bit haggard but it’s still usable.

3. Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris

I binge watched True Blood earlier this year and I really enjoyed the characters and the story. I never finished the last season though after my fave died and some characters just got too stupid but I am hoping the books are better. This is the first book of the series that True Blood was based on and I am really enjoying reading the series and seeing the little differences between the books and tv show. I can’t wait to read more now that I have a bit more time!

4. Straight Outta Oz

This is the visual album for Todrick Hall’s Straight Outta Oz. This album is so good and it’s one of the only albums that I’ve actually gone out of my way to purchase with my own money. Todrick is an absolute genius and I’m so excited to see what else he creates!!

5. Finding Dory

I watched this with my brother on the weekend and I just loved it so much. I’ll admit, when I first watched Finding Nemo back in primary school, I didn’t care much for Dory because I thought she was too silly but this movie made me really love her. I’m sure if I watched Finding Nemo now, I’d probably love her but this story was so great. Finding things out as she remembers them is so cool. I won’t give too much away in case you haven’t see the movie but I’d highly recommend it!


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Au revoir xxx

5 thoughts on “June Favourites!

    • I know! I half want to buy the really big size because it’s great value but I don’t know that I’ll use it up before it needs to be thrown away! I’ve bought a Sukin one for the time being but I don’t know that I’ll be able to live long without the Stem one!


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