Evolution of Style: Looking back at old photos

Hey guys!

In the past, I’ve made posts detailing my evolution through makeup but I’ve never made a post about the changes I’ve made in my personal style. I think part of that probably has to do with me never being able to define a style for myself because I love way too many styles and my wardrobe reflects that haha. Today we’re going to look at my outfits and talk briefly about what I thought of them at the time and what I think of them now!



We’ll start our journey in 2008 with my first tagged photo on Facebook.


Some how, I’d gotten it in my head that feminine dresses paired with open lumberjack shirts was really fashionable. Maybe it was for someone who could actually pull it off, like Hayley Williams of Paramore, but certainly not me. My beehive wasn’t really killin’ it either. While I’m not here to talk about my makeup, that eyeliner is just shocking.

Then for about 2 and a half years, my style consisted of printed shirts, skinny black jeans, converse all stars and this little black cardigan that my mum found on the ground in the middle of a grocery store. I still have it and it still fits. I had to mend the armpits but ya-know, ratchet fashion is my thing. This was also the time I first was super into anime and I would always wear my ‘L’ necklace, even when it got really tattered and gross. It was also the time that I was in my first ‘serious’ teenage relationship and my style did mimic my boyfriend’s style. It wasn’t until we were on the verge of breaking up that my style blossomed (pun to preface the next section) into something new.

From the beginning of 2012 to the end of 2013, I really got into sweet lolita fashion. I was more into casual sweet style because my budget at the time didn’t allow me to go all out. I miss wearing the style a lot but it is so expensive and the local lolita community can be very catty and negative so I was prompted to leave the style behind due to the social side of it. On occasion, I’ll pull out one of these dresses but it’s really a big commitment to wear this style. I must admit, having young children ask if you’re a princess every day never got old.

My style now is much more feminine but during winter, I definitely pick comfort over style. You’ll often see my sporting a large wind breaker, skinny jeans, heeled boots (which is the only ‘special’ part of my outfit), and a big scarf. Summer and Spring are definitely my favourite fashion months now because I feel like I can really dress how I’d like to, whereas in winter I’m more of a hermit. My style now allows for a variety of makeup looks, which I really wanted. Being in lolita fashion really only gives you one style of makeup and it can get really boring. My fashion is probably in another transitional period where I’m moving to more ‘adult’ clothing, trying to look a bit more professional now that I’m meeting with researchers a lot. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wearing floaty, florals in spring and summer though. I can’t live without them.


I hope that you enjoyed my little trip down fashion memory lane!

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Au revoir xxx

3 thoughts on “Evolution of Style: Looking back at old photos

    • Thank you so much! Yeah and the fashion itself has so many rules (of which I was happy to follow) and then the group itself had so many rules about attendance for meets and then newbies would argue with admins. It was just so negative! But the fashion is really gorgeous and I’ve seen some really creative outfits


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