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As I said in my last post, I’m looking to downsize my collection and work through my non-cruelty-free items. While I’ve been on my cruelty-free journey, I’ve stopped buying so much makeup because I’m overwhelmed by what I have and cruelty-free stuff is just less readily available, honestly. I’ve been watching a lot of project pan, declutter and minimalism videos so I’ve been really inspired to go through my makeup, get rid of what I don’t like and use up what I need to use up before it goes bad. I’ve decided that I’m going to do my first project pan and this is going to be the introduction post where I show you the products and why I want to work through them!


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This is my first project pan and I wanted to give myself a really long time to try to complete it, that way I won’t feel discouraged quickly if I don’t finish products as soon as I might have wanted to and because I can always add products to the challenge if I finish products early. I’m going to aim to finish this by the 31st of October, which is the day that I submit my thesis, so I easily remember the cut off day and I can show you my results once everything has settled. This is also two days before my birthday so I’ll have used up some stuff and then I can buy some things if I want to with birthday money.
The aim of this for me is to use up products that I just need to get rid of or things that I like that I want to get my money’s worth out of. The majority is not cruelty-free so that’s another motivator. If I get sick of any product during this and just cannot see myself returning to it, I will remove it and either give it away or just throw it away. I want to create better spending habits and just spend money on things that I see myself actually using up. There’s a tendency with blogging to buy and buy for review purposes and then just accumulate so much stuff. So, I want to save some money and use my products. I’m not putting myself on a no-buy because I never have and I don’t exactly feel like I need to. This challenge should be enough incentive for me not to buy knowing that I have to dedicate time to using up my stuff. Obviously in posts to follow, we shall see how I feel about this and whether I will restrict myself to a no-buy at any point. On to the products!


1. Touch In Sol – No Poreblem Primer

I only bought this recently in the last Priceline 40% off of Cosmetics sale, prior to going cruelty-free, and since it’s not cruelty-free, I want to just use it up. It’s a really good primer and I’d recommend it if you don’t mind what your products go through to get to your stores. I’ve used it every day that I’ve worn makeup since I bought it and I’m about a half way through so I’ve got a bit to go but I think I’ll be fine to use it all up.

2. L’Oreal Magic Touch Instant Blur

I don’t have too much left of this and I just want it gone. I’ve been holding on to this for a while and I even have a back up but I don’t use it as much because I don’t feel like I need it now that I use the Australis Fresh & Flawless powder that blurs all pores on my face. It’s comparable to the Benefit Porefessional and I do enjoy it for when I’m going out at night but for every day, I don’t use it much. I’m probably going to use this on days when I don’t have makeup on but I’m leaving the house because I want my skin to look smooth but not put in the effort of applying makeup.

3. Urban Decay Primer Potion

This product is technically cruelty-free, although Urban Decay is owned by L’Oreal. I mainly want to use this up because I have a Milani eye primer that I like better and I want to move on to only using that item. I don’t have too far to go but this is one of those products that seems to just go on and on and on so hopefully it won’t be too much of a challenge.


4. MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Vintage Selection

I’ve had this for about a year and I haven’t used it much because I’ve worked out that I really just like matte bases for eyeshadow and not shimmer bases because I like to layer powder eyeshadow on top. I adore this shade and I really should have used it more but because of my preference for matte cream shadows, I just don’t reach for it. I’m going to try to use this when I’m feeling a bit lazier with my makeup but I want to wear something to make myself feel a bit more pretty. I’m about a quarter of the way through and I think this might be my toughest product to finish.


5. Australis Metallix in Jay-Zed

I bought this when they were first released and this was the only shade that was left. I did like the shade but I didn’t think critically when I bought it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed on my blog and instagram, but I don’t wear darker shades on my lid. I like for my lid to be quite light and the darkness to be in my crease and outer corner. I don’t think dark eyeshadows suit me BUT I want to get my money’s worth out of it. It looks like a gold in the pot but it has a brown base to it. I had a lot of trouble getting it to last on my lid, which is why I never purchased more but I have worked out a way for it to work. Hopefully I can try to finish it and maybe become more accustomed to wearing darker shades, especially with it being winter.


6. L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation

This shade is my perfect winter shade and it’s really annoying because I hate the way this looks on my skin. Had this been the same formula as the regular True Match, this would have been my holy grail foundation. This formula is thick and it sits on top of my skin and looks like a mask. It is ‘super blendable’, sure, but it’s not super enjoyable. It lasts fine but I can’t use my favourite powder with it so it’s just an effort to use it. I really just want to use it up because I’m not fond of it but I don’t want to throw it away.


7. CoverGirl 3 in 1 Foundation

I’m about a quarter of the way through this and this is my second bottle. I really enjoyed this foundation and it is definitely worth trying if you don’t buy cruelty-free. I needed to purchase my shade online though because we don’t go light enough in Australia. It’s just another non-cruelty-free item that I want out of my collection, even though I really enjoy it.


8. Clinique Blush in Smouldering Plum

I can’t tell you how old this is because my boyfriend’s Yiayia gave this to me because she wasn’t using it. I know it came from a gift with purchase and it is a really pretty blush but it’s not cruelty-free and I want to use it up. Thank goodness the pan looks small so this one might be manageable. I’m not sure whether I’ll alternate between this product and the next or whether I’ll just use one solely until it’s gone and then work on the next one.


9. Rimmel Blush in Genuine Plum

I got this on clearance for $5 because I’d always wanted a Rimmel blush but I’d never committed to purchasing one. I’d heard they were good quality but honestly I have a lot of blushes this shade and it’s not cruelty-free so it’s got to go. I actually bought this and put it away and never used it, which is really sad haha. If I really don’t want to use this up, I’ll just toss it because it was cheap for me. Although I sort of don’t see myself throwing it away because it is a colour that I’d enjoy on my cheeks.


10. NYX Blush in Taupe

The packaging of this looks ratchet, I know. The side grub is part of the sticker that I couldn’t remove, not product build up haha. This product has served me well but it is really getting old now. I already have hit pan so it’s just a matter of using it diligently to see it completely hitting pan. I have other things that I can use in it’s place so I won’t be too sad to see it go but it is in the most convenient packaging haha. Whether I finish it or not, I’ll probably throw it away at the end of the challenge because it is really getting old.


11. Shiro Cosmetics Pigment in Little Bird

I got this as a sample from Shiro back when I was buying their pigments fairly regularly. I was reluctant to add this to my challenge because it is a pigment and they really take some time to use up but because it’s only a sample size, I feel like it could be manageable. I also feel like it’s wearable enough for me to easily incorporate it into my everyday looks. This product is cruelty-free but it’s just old and I want to make some room for a future Femme Fatale order.


12. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Asia

This product was a dupe for a MAC lipstick, I think. I really liked the shade and I’ve already been trying to finish this lipstick off for about a month now so I’m well on my way to seeing it finished. I hate wearing the same lipstick every day though so I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to just trash it but if I rotate it with the next two products, I might not have to throw it away. If it were a tad lighter, this would probably be my perfect lip shade. It’s just that bit off where it’s annoying to wear so frequently haha.


13. MAC Lipstick in Plumful

This was my first MAC purchase and it is really special to me. Zoe from Zoe’s Beauty Escape watched me swoon over this lipstick many a time and was probably super annoyed with me until the day that I finally committed to buying it. I really love the shade and I’ve never regretted buying it but it’s almost three years old now so I really want to use it up. This should be an easy wear because it’s so sheer. My plan with finishing off my MAC products is to Back to MAC them and get new lipsticks for free and then once they’re gone, be completely done with the brand. That way I get the absolute most out of everything that I buy.


14. MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in V

My first and only Viva Glam. I remember really wanting to buy a Viva Glam because all of the proceeds go to charity and I thought that getting something out of a donation was really awesome. The whole program is really cool so if you don’t buy cruelty-free, I would recommend investing in those lipsticks because it is a really good cause. At the time of purchase, I wasn’t too adventurous with my lipsticks and got a pretty sheer one. I remember going ‘OMG A NUDE THAT LOOKS GOOD ON ME!’ and now I almost exclusively wear nudes haha. This one should be easy to finish because when I first wore it, I found myself reapplying it a lot and have used a lot of it so I don’t think this one will be hard to complete.


15. Maybelline Baby Lips in Menthol

This scent of the Baby Lips has been discontinued and I also bought this about three years ago so it’s really time to go. I really love this lip balm and I’ve actually never finished a lip balm so this one should be interesting. I want to work through some lip balms so that I can allow myself to purchase the LUSH Key Lime Pie lip balm that I’ve been seeing on social media lately!


I hope you’re as excited as I am to see how I go with this challenge. I’m going to be posting monthly updates and hopefully we’ll see some good progress! I’d highly recommend trying a project pan out, even just a small one, so that you get the most out of your products!

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Au revoir xxx

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