‘Round and ’round like a horse on a Carousell

Hey guys!

Today, I’m going to be talking about an app that I think everyone who hoards things needs. I collect a lot of makeup and part of that is because I love it and part of it is because I want to talk about new things on my blog a lot but lately I’ve been watching A LOT of project pans, declutter, and minimalism videos on YouTube and I’ve become inspired to downsize my collection a bit. Especially with my Journey to Cruelty-Free. I’d originally been using Depop to try to sell some things but I never made much from it so I found a new app called Carousell and within the last week I made over $100+ so I just HAD to talk about it with you. This post isn’t sponsored, it’s just a friendly suggestion to those who want to make money and turn trash into treasure!



Today I’m going to talk you through what Carousell is, what I have in my shop, what I sold and tips for successful selling.

Carousell is an app where you take photos of unwanted items and people buy them from you. It’s super simple. People can bid on your items but you set a price for each item and you can negotiate for whatever you want. Where Depop is more directed at selling globally, Carousell is marketed as buying things from people who live in your own city, but selling nationally is an option. So far, I’ve only met up with people in person and they’ve paid me in person so I’m not 100% on how the transactions work online but I assume that you send your Paypal/bank details to each other and sort it out yourself. Whereas on Depop, they run almost everything through Paypal and Depop takes a percentage of the sale for using their app. So for that reason, Carousell is way more appealing.

I only started selling last Monday and had bids on everything that I’d put up within a few days. People on Carousell are crazy! I’m also a featured seller this week thanks to the influx of views that my account has had since I set it up. Here is what I currently have in my shop to sell.

carousell items.png

Since deciding to stop supporting Jeffree Star, I’ve been really critical of my collection of his products and thought about what I’d really get a lot of use out of and think about how many times I’ve actually worn it since I purchased it. I was able to sell Blow Pony, I’m Royalty and Posh Spice liquid lipsticks, along with a fake MAC Blush (marketed as fake in my own post) that someone sold me on Depop claiming it was real. I’ve also got another sale being finalised this week!

A big tip that I’d give anyone wanting to give this app or any sales app a go is to have nice photos of your products. I’m lucky that I take photos of almost everything I purchase in case I need it for a blog post. It makes it easy when I need to find a nice photo for a sale. A few photos on my shop are from old Depop posts and I haven’t yet gotten around to taking a nicer photo of them but the majority of my posts have blog quality photos and they’re getting a lot of attention.


I hope that you found this post helpful and maybe give this app a go!

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Au revoir xxx

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