Review: Essence Winter? Wonderful! Collection

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be talking about Essence’s latest collection at Priceline. I spotted this at the Westfield Marion Priceline so I’m not sure how many of them have the collection out but Marion definitely does. I was immediately drawn to the collections icy theme and knew that I needed to get my paws on a few items! I hope that you enjoy!


Winter- Wonderful!

The collection has quite a number of products in it but I felt like these were the only ones that really spoke to me. I considered the lip product but after cataloguing my entire collections and realising that I have 170 lip products, I decided that I probably didn’t need them but for the sake of having a swatch of both of them, I took a photo in store so I could still talk about them.


There are two lip oils in the collection. They’re tinted and they both smell really nice. They come in silver tubes and the ring around the lid shows you the different shades but as you can see from my photo, both shades end up looking the exact same so if you’re wanting one but are not sure which one, they both look the same so it doesn’t matter at all. They feel like an oil on the lips but leave behind a really pretty pink stain. They have a really nice sweet smell and I think that I’d probably really enjoy this product had I purchased it but I don’t wear glosses enough. These aren’t glossy, but I definitely prefer a traditional lipstick or liquid lipstick over a gloss. Now on to the products that I did purchase.

The first thing that I knew that I needed was the eyeshadow palette. This collection only had one and it was the first palette that I’ve ever bought from Essence. I have some single eyeshadows but I’ve never purchased a limited edition palette but I’ve always liked them. I’ve been waiting for a good one haha. This palette has five shades and I’ll admit, there isn’t much variety but there isn’t much variety in snow either. The shades are alright. They’re decently pigmented but the silver shade had what looked like a really gorgeous shimmery finish but as soon as it swatched, I realised it was an over spray. When will companies learn that this is false advertising and NO ONE WANTS THIS. I wanted that shadow to be glittery and nice. I’m not even really asking for much here. Under the over spray is a sheer metallic silver shade, it’s alright but I was disappointed. The first brown shade is also supposed to be shimmery and it definitely is metallic, although it is on the sheerer side. Both can be built up and would work best with something like MAC Fix + to achieve maximum intensity. The other matte shades are fine and easy to work with. The pinky shade makes for a good transition colour. The shimmery brown and matte brown look similar in the pan but they’re totally different, as you can see in my swatch photo. The shimmery brown is quite a bit lighter!


I like the palette enough and I think it’s not too bad for the price but you can definitely get better palettes out there and even better individual shades from Essence. I’m still quite happy to have it just for the packaging.

The next thing that I spotted was the blush. I liked the design in the pan and usually pick up their embossed limited edition blushes because they’re generally nice products and this one is no different. My only real critique is that the big snowflake looks more like a starfish than a snowflake but that’s really the shade’s fault. The blush has a sheen to it and is decently pigmented. I think that I probably like this product best out of the items that I picked up, although I don’t find it as visually appealing as the rest of the collection.


Lastly, the nail polish. They have four different shades to choose from and this one was the one that really screamed winter to me and was also the only one that I was guaranteed to really love. The only thing that I mildly dislike about it is that it is one of those textured polishes. It feels like sandpaper nails. So long as you don’t touch them, the polish just looks like a glittery wonderland, which I’m all about. I’d recommend this polish if you can get past the texture.

I think that this collection would have really benefitted from a highlighter. Not only are highlighters incredibly popular at the moment, they’d also fit well with the frosty theme. You all know that I adore my Bloom Me Up Shimmer Powder from one of their past collections so they do highlighters really well. I do really like the collection overall and I’d definitely recommend checking it out when you’re in Priceline or having a little look online. I’d really recommend the lip oils if you’re not oversaturated with lip products, like I am. They’re really lovely and I think that they’ll be pretty popular. The blush is also really nice. I’d recommend the eyeshadow for a beginner maybe,someone who isn’t too fussed about shimmery shadows looking really shimmery or just anyone who really loves the packaging. It is really lovely. And the nail polish is nice too but I know it’s going to be a pain to get off haha.


I hope that you enjoyed this post and give it a little bit of attention when you’re in Priceline. Just because I am not thrilled about a collection doesn’t mean that you won’t be as well. I hope that you’re having a wonderful day and I’ll see you in my next post!

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