Full Face Using Only Highlighters Challenge!

Hey guys!

I’m sure that you’ve seen this challenge everywhere because it’s really been done to death BUT it is also super fun and if you want to give it a go, don’t let over production stop you! This challenge started after Mariya on posted a video using only highlighters and it became a meme on Instagram! Since then, YouTubers and bloggers have been attempting to recreate it with their own highlighters! It’s super fun and it was a great way for me to use some highlighters that I haven’t used in a little bit! I hope that you enjoy!


I don’t really know what happened while I attempted this challenge. I managed to make myself look so tanned and I’m not gonna lie, I don’t hate it. It probably makes me look a little bit closer than the stereotypical look of my heritage haha. Anyway, lets move on to what I did to achieve my glowing face!

I have three cream highlighters and I wanted to use at least one of them for my base. I ended up mixing my Face of Australia Lumi-Tint Illuminating Stick in When in Rome and my Make-up Studio Shimmer Effect in Silver together. As you can see, my base is quite a bit darker than my skin and I’m not 100% sure why I originally thought that it was going to match but I don’t hate it. I’d really recommend the Face of Australia Illuminating Stick if you like cream highlighters. It’s super pretty and I definitely don’t wear it enough!

I wanted to set the cream before I put a bunch of highlighters over the top so I set it with the RCMA No Colour Powder. It did take some of the glow away but it made everything easier to blend on top so I really don’t regret it. It even took some of the texture away. I know that this technically isn’t a highlighter but a lot of people use foundation in this challenge so gimme a break haha.

Next, I wanted to do my cheeks. I used my Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics palette on my cheeks. I used the darkest highlighter as my ‘contour’ and it was SUPER orange on my skin so I really blended it out to the best of my ability and then applied the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer over the top. It has some shimmer in it so I figured I’d allow it. I then used the third highlighter from the left as my blush and then applied the second above that and then the first above that one! So I used all of the highlighters on my cheeks. I used theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer on my cheekbone but it didn’t really look like I’d applied anything and we all know how pigmented this product is so I knew I needed a lighter colour to make it stand out. I used Essence Bloom Me Up Shimmer Powder and the Vani-T Mineral Colour Crystals in Angel Wings because it makes an icy white with a pink shift and it looks really beautiful. It definitely stood out on my cheek bone.

For my eyes, I used the Essence Soo Glow! Highlighter on my eyelids as a base. It didn’t really do too much for my eye look but I enjoyed using it as a base. Probably wouldn’t recommend it in every day life. I then used highlights from the Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics palette to create my eye look. I actually really really love my eye look. I never use a shimmery shadow in the crease but somehow this all looked really pretty. And finally, I used the Williamspro #SelfieGlo in my inner corner for that pink/red shift. It matched my cheekbone highlight really well!

On my lips, I decided against using a powder highlight because I’d seen it in other challenges and I feel like that’s when the look goes from looking really awesome to looking kinda meh. I used the Essence Brit-Tea lipgloss in Tea is the New Coffee, which is a clear gloss with pink, red and gold shimmers through it. It is my favourite lipgloss because it’s just so pretty and I really wish that it wasn’t limited edition because I want a back up!

I believe that that is all I used for highlight on my face! Other products used were Chi Chi Brow Pomade in Medium Brown, Maybelline Hyper Sharp liquid liner, CoverGirl Super Sizer mascara and Ardell Glamour Lashes.


I hope that you all enjoyed my take on the highlighter challenge!

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Au revoir xxx


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