June Wishlist!

Hey guys!

With so many things being released/teased, I think we are all wanting new things pretty regularly. I haven’t posted a wishlist since March and I was thinking that I might make them monthly due to the frequency of releases! This month’s post will feature a few things that I’m super excited to get my hot little hands on!



1. Makeup Revolution – Iconic Palettes

I’ve had a little Makeup Revolution cart set up for a couple of weeks, waiting to have the money spare to drop some dosh on some pretty palettes. Since selling my Urban Decay Naked Palette, I’ve been interested in having a budget palette with the same shades but different formula. I wasn’t a fan of the Naked palette formula because I felt like all of my shadows would just blend into one and get really muddy so I’d love to try these MUR palettes. I’ve got Iconic 1,2,3 and Dreams in my cart at the moment! Let me know what you think of them if you own any of them. Also exciting note about MUR, they’re supposed to be coming to Priceline soon along with NYX! Very exciting stuff!

2. Heat Bag Plush

Now that it’s winter and my room is a freezer, I have to think of ways to make myself warm enough to fall asleep at night. I had a mobile heater in my room but my parents swapped that for a more economic heater but it’s in the worst spot and I’m scared I’ll burn all of the cords under my desk so I don’t have it plugged in and therefore don’t use it. I’ve been on the hunt for a heat bag plush toy because they’re cute and I can easily cuddle it in bed (not ashamed to sleep with a soft toy for warmth). The one that I have in the picture is actually one sold at Target and is probably the most attractive plush heat bag that I’ve found so I’ll be picking that one up soon so I don’t have to wait two hours to heat up in bed!

3. Femme Fatale Cosmetics Pigments

I’ve lusted after this brand since I started purchasing from Shiro Cosmetics back in 2012 but it wasn’t until Zoe from Zoe’s Beauty Escape shared her haul with me that I was motivated to go through the entire website and pick out every single pigment that I might be interested in and create a potential cart list and the sizes that I wanted for each shade. Above are a few of the shades that I’m looking to purchase soon with names attached!

4. Kat Von D – Lock-It Foundation

I’ve been wanting this foundation for what feels like ages. I really want something both cruelty-free and good coverage and I feel like I get the best of both worlds with this foundation. The only thing holding me back from purchasing it is that we have no where to test the shades in Adelaide and I’m waiting to travel interstate or waiting for a friend who’s a similar shade to try it and let me know what shade I might be. All foundation search engines give me a round about shade so I’d like to try it in person before purchasing!

5. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Book

I’m so excited to own this! I’ve got it pre-ordered on Book Depository because I want to have it as soon as possible. I adore Harry Potter and I wish that I was seeing the play in person. I don’t know too much more about this one but I’ll by anything Harry Potter related so it’s inevitable that I’ll have this one too haha.

6. Dusty Girls Blush in Pink Ladies

In an effort to look into more cruelty-free brands, I came across Dusty Girls, which is made by MooGoo. I’m really interested in this brand and I know a few people who’ve reviewed a few of their products and speak very highly of them. I’d love to support them and I’d love to try their blushes! If you’ve tried out any Dusty Girls products, please let me know!


I hope that you’re all having a fantastic day!

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Au revoir xxx

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