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So many new products are coming out at the moment and others so hyped that they’re never in stock, it is just getting so crazy. It’s sometimes really hard to know what to buy so today, I’ve created a list of products that I will NOT be purchasing so you can save yourself some of those dollas~. I hope that you enjoy!


anti haul

1. Morphe – 350 Palette


This palette is INSANELY hyped up and I can sort of see why but I can’t help but just see a cheaply made palette sold for a stupid price, at least for Australians. In Australia, these palettes are around $40 and if we want to purchase them from the US, we’re paying around $40 just for the shipping, which is basically saying ‘it’s inconvenient if you buy from us but I guess we’ll let you buy our products with a high shipping price that might deter you’. It is actually ridiculous for Australians to be wanting this when Crown Brushes is actually the company who makes Morphe’s products. Crown Brushes is an Australian cosmetics company and they also do private labelling for other brands and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s cheaper for us to buy from Crown Brushes for the same quality.
Other than that, I just think that no one needs this many eyeshadows in one palette. You’re likely to stick to 5 shadows and never use the rest. If you’re wanting these shades, the Chi Chi Spices palette and the Morphe 12o palettes are much better options because there’s less shadows, less chance of being overwhelmed and better price point. But again, I’m sure we can purchase the Morphe 12o or similar from Crown Brushes, so we may as well do that.

2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Beauty Killer Palette


You all know how I feel about Jeffree Star Cosmetics so I have nothing bad to say about it from a brand perspective. The real reason why I won’t be purchasing this is I really cannot justify the price for this palette with the colour selection. All of the colours are beautiful as singles but I can’t really see myself making more than one look with this palette, especially because when I am putting on makeup, I’m usually a little bit pressed for time. The quality is amazing and I think that there are some people who’ll really love this palette, but I can’t justify purchasing it knowing how much product I’m probably going to waste. If Jeffree had made the pans smaller and added an extra row of maybe more neutral colours, I could justify it. I’m a one palette kind of person most days because I travel a lot but I can see the appeal for this palette, it’s just not for me, sadly.

3. Kylie Lip Kits/OFRA Liquid Lipsticks


I don’t think that either of these brands are producing particularly bad products. I just don’t see myself purchasing any of their liquid lipsticks. So many brands are making liquid lipsticks that we are just so suffocated by so many brands and I just feel like we don’t really need it? I have a lot of the colours that they produce in other brands and I love those formulas so why should I buy it at the risk of not liking it so much? Whether it’s Kylie Cosmetics, Ofra, Jeffree Star, Stila, Beauty Bakery, Caked, etc. it’s probably a good idea to pick the one that you prefer and just stick with that one. I’m really happy with the Jeffree Star colours and I’ll probably just stick to those.

4. Louboutin Lipsticks


While these lipsticks would be AMAZING display pieces, these lipsticks are so over prices that I can never imagine myself EVER using them, let alone purchasing them! I would hate to ruin it so it would just sit on my vanity and never be used 😦 They are a gorgeous product though.


Do you have any products that you’re not in your ‘will not buy’ category?

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One thought on “Anti-Haul!

  1. Wow, I’m glad you said that about Crown Brushes making the Morphe palettes! I saw the Crown Brushes mega palettes at the Adelaide Hair and Makeup Show last year and every time I saw a pic of a Morphe palette afterwards I thought “damn those look similar!” So there you go.

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