Review: Kismet Jardin Hydra Gem

Hey guys!

I’ve been feeling a little terrible about my skin and makeup as of late. I’ve been wanting find a way to make my makeup look nice and sort of skin-like, while still being flawless but no cake face. During the Bloggers United event, I got to meet Kismet Jardin and learn about their luxurious products and today I wanted to share my favourite product, Hydra Gem with you all! I did receive this product at the event but I will, as always, give a completely honest review.



Kismet Jardin (meaning ‘Garden of Destiny’) is an Australian, natural skin care and perfume company with products that contain pure, precious, rare and natural ingredients in Australia. Kismet Jardin uses ingredients and processes which are harmless to human health and the environment. If you would like to read more about their Green Chemistry and superior Extraction Process, you can find that information here.

Hydra Gem is a restorative serum and a primer that is oil-free and suitable for all skin types. It claims to help make your skin look firmer, more radiant, and toned. Hydra Gem is made with green tea, marshmallow extract, Hawaiian hibiscus, yarrow flower, pro vitamin B5, and hyaluronic acid – which is known to be the most effective natural moisturising agent. This unique combination of active ingredients helps your skin retain moisture, feel softer and look smoother. It is also free from parabens, silicone oils, synthetic oils and ethoxylated ingredients.

I use this product as a primer for my makeup. I apply this to my bare skin and let it sink in before applying makeup on top of it. It makes my makeup look more natural and I can achieve a healthy glow without it becoming too greasy on my oily skin.

The product is gorgeous but I do have one issue with it that I don’t here anyone talking about. The scent of the product comes from the ingredients used, which I like because it keeps everything natural and leaves less room for people to react negatively to the product. However, the scent, to me, is quite unpleasant. I’m able to move past it because of the results that it gives me, but it really does have quite a strong odour that may offend you. It smells a bit like a compost heap, and that’s putting it nicely. It does smell quite floral but it has a funny other smell mixed in.

Despite the scent issue, I do believe that the product is worth a try because the results are quite lovely.


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*This product was given to me for review but all thoughts are my own.

4 thoughts on “Review: Kismet Jardin Hydra Gem

  1. I wasn’t too much of a fan of the smell either. I don’t go for products that have that smell. I mean, I know it’s all natural and pure but sometimes such ingredients don’t make a good combination in terms of the scent. Lucky for me, I didn’t notice the smell after I applied the product which made me look passed it. I generally really enjoy using the product apart from the scent. It’s just not for my palette.

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