10 Ways to Celebrate May the Fourth

Hey guys!

Are you struggling to think of ways to celebrate Star Wars Day? Fear not! I have ten things that will help you have the best day ever!



  1. Marathon the movies.
    This step is pretty self explanatory. Whether you’re watching Episode 4-6, 1-3 or 1-7, a Star Wars marathon is essential for May the Fourth. Bring all of your friends over and enjoy the goodness together! You might also be interested in watching the specials like Caravan of Courage and the Battle for Endor.
  2. Binge-Watch the tv series.
    If you’re not up for watching the movies or you’ve watched them too many times and are sick of them (BLASPHEMY), then you might enjoy watching Star Wars: Rebels or Clone Wars instead! I’m really enjoying Rebels at the moment!
  3. Listen to Star Wars music all day.
    I created a playlist on Spotify that you can listen to ALL DAY. There’s a mixture of songs from the Star Wars soundtracks, remixes, and songs inspired by the series. It’ll certainly make for a great backdrop to any Star Wars related activities that you might partake in. You can listen to it here!
  4. Adorn yourself in Star Wars apparel.
    I’ve got quite a number of Star Wars shirts and I’m going to have a pretty tough decision on which I plan on wearing on the day.
  5. Respond only in Star Wars quotes.
    Do or do not. There is no try.
  6. Vader someone.
  7. Play a Star Wars board game.
    I’ve played a few Star Wars board games and I really love them. Two that I’d recommend playing are Imperial Assault and X-Wing. There are a large number of Star Wars themed board games, so I’m sure you’ll find something that you’d enjoy playing!
  8. Read Star Wars comics.
    Marvel released a line of Star Wars comics that follow lots of different character back stories and close gaps between certain movies. I really want to get the Princess Leia one and a Poe Dameron comic has just been released!
  9. Create Star Wars themed food and drink.
    There are so many different Star Wars themed recipes and so little time to create them all. Some really cool recipes include: Sarlacc Bundt Cake, Yoda Soda, Yoda Inari, Star Wars Push Pops, and Liquid Carbonite.
  10. Recreate scenes from the movies and TV shows with the figurines you own.
    I like taking pictures of the figures that I purchase. I like putting them in little scenes. I’d recommend trying it out with your Star Wars figures. You won’t regret it.


I hope that you have a fantastic Star Wars day, whatever you chose to do.

May the force be with you~

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Au revoir xxx

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