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Hey guys!

Being from Australia can be super annoying when we see all of the US releases and the ranges available in the US and not have them available to us/have to wait a billion years for them to come here (I’m lookin at you Maybelline Creamy Mattes). So, I’ve been looking for a way to get items to me that wouldn’t usually be available to me. So I placed an order through Comgateway and I wanted to talk about it because I hear a LOT of good reviews about their service! Similar to my MAC Cinderella collection post, I will be using reaction images but this time, I’ll be having Jeffree Star help me react to this situation. I hope you find this post helpful and entertaining haha.


So what is Comgateway? Comgateway is a shopping service that allows people from outside of the US to purchase from websites that only ship within the US or have pretty outrageous international shipping charges. You can either opt to have them shop for you, or you purchase your order yourself and send it to your unique address that they give to you.

I wanted to purchase from originally because I was just DYING for the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and while I was there, I picked up some other things (I went through the entire website). Then I realised that they don’t ship outside of the US or even accept international paypals so I thought I’d try Comgateway because girls on the FB beauty groups were going nuts for it. I read up on everything that they offer and the shipping to see if it was even worth trying to purchase through them. I needed to have them purchase the items for me because of the paypal issue, which I got a 10% service charge for, which is totally fine and expected. I used to use shopping services for Taobao so I’m familiar with what is involved.

I chose a few items that would get me over the free US shipping threshold and I gave the information for my order to Comgateway. I placed my order with Comgateway’s Buy For Me service on the 15th of March. It had been a week since I made the order and paid and I was getting worried that nothing had happened so I messaged Comgateway to see what was going on. They told me that they still hadn’t placed the order and I just had to wait a little longer for the Buy For Me service… It takes a second to place an order, I don’t care how many orders you’ve got goin hahaha. They ended up placing my order the next day on the 23rd of March. So I was relieved.


After having my order placed, it took about a week to have my order sent to my unique address because it was Easter Weekend and that was totally fine but when they told me that my order was in the warehouse and ready to ship, only part of my order had arrived and because the Buy For Me doesn’t confirm your order with you, I had no idea if there was some mix up on their end or mine. There was one order with 4 items, so naturally, I was like, ‘where the frick is my package at?’

jeffo 2

Over the next few days, the rest of my order started coming in but some packages only had one item in them and I was just really confused. I don’t know if that means that they ended up paying way more for shipping because they didn’t do it in one order or what. But that’s actually kinda important to the story so remember that it came in separate packages.

The day prior to my last order arriving at the warehouse, I decided to purchase the Erin Condren Life Planner after watching too many videos on it and because they were having a sale on the planners, I wanted to pick one up. Their shipping was $20 USD to Australia so I just thought that I’d add it to my Comgateway order because I’d been quoted $28 USD for shipping under a certain weight and with the planner, it still would have been under weight. I paid $10 USD for shipping to my unique address.

When my Erin Condren order finally arrived on the 8th of April, I quickly went to go and pay to have everything sent to my home address. I compiled the order, which I was told would add two days to do but I’d be getting my order all in one box so I thought it was worth waiting a bit longer. But when I went to checkout, my shipping quote read $65USD instead of $28 and I was like ???????????????????????????????


I don’t like making a fuss and I’d already waited a month to have my items so I did the whole look-away-while-pressing-buy thing. It converted to around $90 AUD to have it shipped, which is NOTHING like what I’d been quoted before. I was super annoyed and at that point I was like… well I’ll only use the service if I’m desperate again and I think it’s worth it.

My order arrived at my house on Monday this week (18th of April) and I was super excited to finally just have my order. When I got home and saw the package at my door I was a bit confused because it wasn’t compiled at all, like I’d asked. It came in four boxes. The boxes that it was originally sent to Comgateway’s warehouse in. I even paid $7 to have the thing compiled. Like I’m fuming about this!


No wonder the shipping cost so much, they sent four separate packages instead of compiling them like I’d asked. Here’s how it all came to me.


The only other reason that I can think that they’d have over charged me for shipping is if they ordered from in three separate orders, because on the order slips, they came up as if they’d ordered three separate times. I’m just super annoyed. I could have paid a lot less to not have the planner sent to me as well. Like so much could have gone better if they just communicated with me and I could have asked them what was going on but they always took ages to get back to me with no information. I don’t even think that getting all of the items was worth the amount that I ended up having to pay. I paid around $200 to have all of my order shipped to me. That’s so ridiculous and I’m so upset about it.

I don’t even think getting all of these items were worth the hassle but whatever. Lesson learnt! Here is what came in my order.


So no, I would not recommend this shopping service to you. If you can get a friend to send you stuff or find another one of the shopping services that send from the US to get stuff from there. This was such a nightmare and everything that I picked up makes me just feel so bitter. The only thing that I’m actually excited about is the planner and I might do a post on it at some point this year. I’m sorry that this had to be such a negative post but I really wanted to let you guys know another experience with Comgateway that wasn’t so favourable.


Have you ordered from Comgateway and if yes, what was your experience like?

I hope that you have a great day!

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3 thoughts on “Review: Comgateway

  1. Wow, that is really so bad that the shipping was so much? Can you email them make a complaint?
    Just to let you know I have purchased Physicians Formula from “iherb”, I have bought all my Real Techniques make up brushes from there. (So much cheaper than Priceline) I also have bought Milani products from Milani Australia. When the Maybelline Creamy mattes were launched in US, I managed to buy from ebay.
    I have wanted to try other forward shipping services but have always been reluctant due to over paying for shipping.


    • I’ve purchased from iherb in the past but they didn’t have paypal and I don’t like having to just use my bank card because I don’t feel it’s very safe. iherb doesn’t actually sell the bronzer that I wanted to purchase so I still would have had to wait for it and I really was desperate for it haha. And they don’t sell Milani in my city, only maybe the odd item, certainly not what I was after. I have to order it through other retailers like Rouche Boutique but they didn’t sell what I was after. And I wanted to swatch the creamy mattes for myself, which was why I did purchase that online.
      Regardless, I wouldn’t recommend this shopping service to anyone haha.


  2. I bought the Milani Eye primer from Milani Australia, I had emailed them late last year, word is they are trying to get their product into Target. I live in Adelaide also
    I understand about payment options. 😊

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